eye makeup for blue eyes and brown hair

Eye makeup for blue eyes

Eye Makeup For Blue Eyes

Eye makeup for blue eyes are always considered to be the best feature in a face. It is again a very well established fact that women are known for them, especially the way they speak through them. Moreover, blue ones always happen to be the epitome of beauty in terms of eyes. However, however beautiful they may be, applying the right amount and quality of ornamentation, i.e., makeup, is a very crucial ingredient to make one look even more expressive and classy.

To start with eye makeup for blue eyes, there are a few steps and tips that would help one look great. Firstly, one should keep in mind to remove all the previously applied color so as to not spoil the new one. Also, removing them would help you stay away from unnecessary infections.

Secondly, it would be a good idea to apply a little amount of white shadow at the inner corners before starting off with the whole procedure. That would make the eyes look brighter and bigger. Basically, it would enhance the look of your eyes.

The next ingredient would definitely be the primer or a concealer. Its function is to provide a base as a result of which the shadow that would be applied later would last longer and not fade.

Whatever color your iris may be, brown or blue, the basic tip is to look for contrast colors so as to enhance the color of the iris. Blue is a very cold color so to say. Therefore, to contrast that, you would definitely want a warm color such as copper or brown. Pale blues or even purple would also go well. Again, another tip that would guide you in this endeavor is that you should never apply a color that is brighter than the color of your iris. Doing that would make them look dull and pale, contrary to what you want.

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Also remember, in order to make the look great, you need to have three shadow colors: the lightest shade first; then the next one in the eyelid and finally the color that would define them. Then, blending them all is important to make them look even.

Applying the liquid liner then is a good idea. It should not be too thick or too thin. It should be right amount so as to enhance. You can also use the pencil liner. The liner’s basic function is to define and highlight the look. Brown or even black liner would go greatly with blue ones. A contrast is always required to accentuate the boldness and beauty.

Curling the lashes to make these look even brighter and beautiful is nice. It will also make them look more feminine. Last but not the least; apply the right amount of mascara. This would make the lashes look bold, long and pretty. The brown color would contrast positively with the blue iris.

To wrap it up, whatever you do, getting some proper sleep, using contrasted colored shadows, washing your eyes so as to make them cleaner and brighter,  etc. are the few ways that would make them look beautiful irrespective of anything. Natural beauty is it and applying a few other stuffs will just accentuate and enhance the natural beauty. If you have anymore tips for eye makeup for blue eyes contact us and we’ll add it onto this list!