Best Matte Nail Polish Of 2017

Best Matte Nail Polish

Best Matte Nail Polish

What Is The Best Matte Nail Polish?

Looking from left to right anywhere you are, you would surely find lots of girls who had their nails colored with vibrant colors to more neutral ones, while some have more complex artwork on them than the other – nail lacquers’ reputation has certainly steadily grown over the past years. On its long years of being on the world of makeup, the most common once we see are those shimmering formulas that just stand outs from the crowd which will definitely make you wonder – can we have a more lavish approach that will differ from the old, boring shimmering we commonly see every day? The answer to your request are the best matte nail polish.

Yes, matte lacquers definitely exists! They’re just uncommon since not every brand of nail polish has matte finishes to offer. There are lacquers which may directly give us the elegant and posh-looking matte finish we desire while there are also top coats that will magically transform your shimmering polish to a matte one in an instant. However, if you’ve concretely set your eyes on matte, then go for it in full force and pick the best matte nail polish and not the top coats. Betting that you don’t know where to start looking for them, why not look at this best matte nail polish list I’ve made which may give you what you’re exactly looking for.

Zoya Matte Velvet Jewels Nail Polish

This exquisite nail polish is definitely befitting of its name, Velvet jewels, since the glorious shades that comes with this package are just so breathtaking and awe-inspiring just like jewels. Many users rave this product not because of its staying prowess whatsoever, but plainly because of its grandiose-looking and lavish colors that would definitely set anyone weak all throughout their body just by looking at it. The brand, however, announces that there shouldn’t be any application of base coats or even top coats for this product since they will definitely take a toll on the matte effect of the nail polish. Though this will make it vulnerable to chips and peels, every do-over you have for putting this gorgeous nail colors on your nails will surely be worth the time and effort.

Manglaze Matte Finish Nail Polish

Just from the brand itself, you probably will notice that this nail polish is for man (Man-Glaze), however, since Nail Polish are first and foremost, a nail beauty product for women, it will still definitely be a befitting choice for all the gals out there, especially with the luxurious look and feel it would leave your nails with. It was made by two boys who aspired to have great nail colors minus the shimmering girly effects that would appear to be cooler and more freaking amazing than ever. It’s free from toxic ingredients and the graphics, matte finish along with its hard-wearing qualities will surely be enough to reel you in and make you a fan of this heart-pounding matte polish.

Orly Matte Couture – Matte Vinyl Shade

The Orly Matte couture collection definitely contains the best matte nail polish I’ve ever tried and with three shades of matte to boot, you definitely don’t have to look anywhere else. My favorite out of the bunch is the Matte Vinyl Shade which puts on a generous amount of matte black color on your nails which just oozes with elegance and sophistication. The other two shades are frankly great matte shades as well, however, the most matte out of the lot is this black one. If you’re aiming for grandiose matte nails then isn’t ideal for you to get the most matte color ever? It will also last for days making it a go-to choice if you want to have a fresh, sophisticated look for your nails every now and then.

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