Best Nail Base Coat Of 2017

Best Nail Base Coat

Best Nail Base Coat

What Is The Best Nail Base Coat?

One of the most sinful thing you can do for your nail is to skip the oh so important base coat that would help you achieve the best-looking nail polish while making it last longer and making your nails grow stronger. Your mani-pedi undeniably contains a lot of steps which makes it enticing to go over the first steps and just jump right to the nail coloring time, however, by doing this, you’ve already forfeited your rights for a glorious finish you can definitely boast anywhere. If you want to have the best, then you totally need to have the best nail base coat that would work magically for you.

There are many formulas for the best nail base coats out there depending upon the needs of the user. There are ridge filling coats, treatment coats and a whole lot more. If you’re just looking for a base coat that would amp the lasting power of your nail polish and make it look the best without any other special needs in mind, then you’re at the right place. I’ll be giving you few of the best nail base coat products out there that would make you more addicted to mani-pedi which I know would give you astounding and unbelievable results you’ll surely fall in love with.

CND Stickey Base Coat

CND, throughout the years, have become synonymous to mani-pedi. Whenever you need some serious help regarding your nails, their name will simply come crushing down to you from suggestions of other people. It’s loved by many because of the greatest reasons that you definitely won’t get enough of. This product simply solidifies the reputation of CND which is also one of the most trusted and best nail base coat out there. It’s treated as the Holy Grail when it comes to base coats which is partly because of the tacky-feeling finish it will leave you with. Once it dries, you will know for yourself that it would definitely boost your nail polish lasting prowess while empowering its color even more. Other than that, it also aims to make your nails healthier while also preventing it from getting stains you definitely detest.

Nails Inc. NAILKALE – Superfood Base Coat

If you feel like you want to receive more from your base coat other than its adhering power, then this product would definitely amaze you even if you brace yourselves prior to hearing about it. This stupendous base coat has five benefits in-store for you – bringing you nothing short of the best you’d expect. It aims to make your nails grow faster by stimulating its growth procedure, hydrate it to the optimum level, prevent it from breaking and splitting, nourish it and harden it to an unbelievable extent. It does all that through the antioxidants packed in its formula along with the kale extract that aims to make your nails healthier, stronger and harder. With all of this effects, what more could you ask for from this product, right?

Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat

Though it has a priority on filling up those ridges to make your nails look perfect and gorgeous, no one can deny that this piece of nail coat is definitely the best when you’re looking for adhering power and a whole lot more. Ridges and discolored parts of your nails would instantly be smoothen by leaps and bounds while the ingredients it possess will definitely give your nails a lustrous and enticing appearance that would perfectly hold those nail lacquer for a long time.

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