Best Naked Palette Of 2017

Best Naked Palette

Best Naked Palette

What Is The Best Naked Palette?

The beauty of eyeshadow palettes is that you’ll be able to express your individuality in the artistic approach you’ll use. However, though your skill is incredibly needed in creating a perplex and gorgeous eye shadow outcome, a decent or great palette is still an indispensable product you need to have up your sleeves in order for you to truly achieve a finish that’s definitely worth boasting. When it comes to palettes, the ones that are definitely the Holy Grail for almost all the beauty junkies out there are the best Naked Palettes.

Not only does the Naked Palettes come in completely surreal and mouth-watering containers and shades, they can also give you a wide range of choices of eyeshadow combinations that will certainly help you achieve a finish that will fit your get-up or mood for the day. Although it seems a whole lot pricier than other palettes out there, it’s definitely one of the few you wouldn’t regret splurging for. Also, although you only have few choices to choose from when it comes to Naked Palettes, you still need to carefully choose what to buy since the money you’ll splurge for one won’t be a walk in the park. These best naked palettes in this list will surely make your heart skip a beat and by all means, if you can buy them all, then do so to your heart’s content.

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette

For me, the best naked palette out from its lot is their second edition – the Naked 2 Palette. Though it may be somewhat similar to the first naked palette, it has certain differences that will surely make it evident that the Naked 2 is definitely an improvement of the first one. This version of this palette has the same number of Matte and Shimmery shades – 2 and 10 respectively. However, the blends of shades are more refined and gorgeous than its predecessors, making it a truly gorgeous addition to any gal’s makeup kit. The 12 shades it has is definitely enough to give your eyes the appearance you want – whether you’re looking for a dramatic and bolder look or a much lighter appearance. Comparing it to the other four palettes, this is definitely one that has got me addicted as you’ll definitely be able to achieve more with this Naked 2.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

This naked palette, being the first one out from its line of palettes, has definitely taken the makeup industry by storm. It’s packed with 12 shades of colors with shimmery shades overruling the matte shades. The consistency of the shades are completely surreal and the colors of the shades themselves are intense and incredibly enticing. There are also half-baked shades here just as the naked 2 palette which you’ll definitely love. Although most of the shades here are shimmery, most of them may not be as vibrant as you think. When you apply the shades, you’ll surely come up with the conclusion that this will be more perfect for night outs or for more elegant occasions.

Urban Decay Naked Palette Basics

If you’re a matte gal, then opt for this naked palette. This is preferred by professionals and is fit even for the most luxurious and posh occasions you’ve been in. Although some say that it won’t be that great for daily use, feel free to do so if you think that you can rock the look wherever you might be going for the day. Also, though a matte palette may be incredibly enticing, the drawback it has is that it only has half the number of shades from the other products which equates to 6 shades. Out of the 6, only 1 packs a shimmer quality which is enough to compliment all the matte shades this palette has and give you a gorgeous, sublime finish that will definitely garner the attention of everyone out there.

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