Best Travel Makeup Bag Of 2017

Best Travel Makeup Bag

Best Travel Makeup Bag

What Is The Best Travel Makeup Bag?

Any girl that loves makeup, would definitely want to bring their babies with them all the time. Whether you’re someone who has all the time in the world or the hectic type of person that always seem to be on the move, you need to have a gorgeous bag that’s worthy for your sweet, oh-so lovable and gorgeous makeups. You would definitely want to have the best travel makeup bag out in the market that would make you feel proud of opening it in the public. I admit it, even I feel a certain amount of achievement when I see my friends’ faces in awe after they see my makeup kit along with the eye-catching stash it holds.

Even for makeup bags, you could never be so carefree. You must be as careful as you are when you’re picking your foundation, shadow palettes, brushes, etc., as there are plenty of makeup bags that differs in shape, size, designs, durability and more. There’s plenty of things you need to consider and a lot of places to look for. However, if you want to make sure that you get the best of the best, let me lend you a hand with these best travel makeup bags I’ve managed to reel-in from the internet.

Vera Bradley Large Cosmetic Bag

Let’s start up with a travel makeup bag for those are who more obsessed in makeup compared to others. If you admit that you have a larger stash than others, then this will definitely be a fit for you. Bottles of your foundation, tons of different brushes, you eyeshadow palette, and a whole lot more – you can definitely fit all your makeup obsession needs in this baby and keep it with you everywhere you go. You’ll have a fair amount of designs to choose from – all of which are very cute and awe-inspiring. For its interior, you’ll find that it’s covered in plastic which is definitely the ideal surface that would keep you worry-free even if your eyeliner manages to smudge on it. You can easily clean its inside from smudges and with the loop it has, you can continue to hold it in a breeze even for hours.

Harvey’s Large Makeup Case

Here’s another large travel makeup bag that would fit all your beauty needs – may it be for your first application or re-touching sessions. The interesting part about this makeup case from Harveys is the fact that they are made from seatbelt. Yes, you’ve heard that right, so judging from this fact alone, you could already infer that this product would be sturdy just like your seatbelts are, however, it is in no way similar in terms of design since the designs which these cases come with are exquisite and extremely eye-catching. Whether you’re looking for a neutral-colored makeup case or a more vibrant one, Harveys got you covered.

Dopp The Original Travel Kit

Dopp Kits have always been known to be a man’s companion and inside them, you’ll see their razors along with other of their grooming products and tools. However masculine you think dopp kits may be, you’ll surely think different after you take a glimpse of this product which definitely holds not even a percent of masculinity in it. From the materials used in its interior and outer appearance and the design used, this dopp kit would surely be a great makeup companion for your travels – whether you’ll only be out for the day or for quite some time.

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