2019 Best Eyebrow Trends: Beautiful Styles For All Eyebrow Shapes

Trends come and go….seasons change….eyebrows evolve. When it comes to eyebrows you need to update and discover new styles in order to look your best.  It must be your mission to find the brow style that fits you to a tee.

Do not let your beauty sense go into hibernation and always be in the loop. There’s no excuse to get stuck in the past because all the information you need is right at your fingertips.

If you’ve always played it safe in the past, try to build up the courage to try something different and allow makeup’s best to unleash your creative side.

Here are the latest eyebrow fashion trends to embrace and love in 2019.

  • Textured Brows. It’s time to grow your brows to the fullest and stop worrying about perfect shape.

    If 2017 was the year of OC-maintained brows, 2019 eyebrow trends allow you to loosen up on the plucking, threading, waxing and shading. Say goodbye to dark eyebrow pencils because it’s all about making them look natural and not heavily painted on.

    How to get the look? Brush your brows upwards with a spoolie to expose the sparse areas. Fill in the gaps in hair-like strokes, using a fine-tipped eyebrow pencil.

    Next, soften the makeup by brushing your brows. Then, apply a clear eyebrow gel using short upward strokes to hold hairs in place.

    And you’re done!  You can actually skip filling in the gaps if you have naturally full brows.

  • Boy Brows. Arch is totally MIA with this winning eyebrow look that is actually a spin-off of textured brows. With boy brows, the base line should be straight while the top part of your brows should just follow the natural arch and decline towards the tail.

    Begin by brushing your brows upwards.  Draw a straight line (almost) at the bottom of your brows.  Then, start filling in the gaps with a fine eyebrow pencil. To finish, apply clear gel or eyebrow mascara to lift strands upwards.

    We really hope that this trend will stay forever because it’s hard to get over its natural appeal.  Just simply beautiful.

  • Bleached Brows.

    Bleached/lighter brows nailed our attention at the runways and MET gala. This unique look must be done right so you won’t appear like you just landed from outer space.

    You can opt to bleach your brows in the salon or use a DIY kit.  If you are not a fan of bleaching, you can achieve the look with few easy steps. The key here is to make your brows appear invisible by neutralizing its natural color.

    How to do this? First, use a flat brush to apply a peach corrector base on your brows. Then, use a spoolie to brush your brows with a nude concealer that matches your skin tone.

    Lastly, set the hairs in place by generously applying a light beige or taupe eyeshadow with a fluffy brush.

  • Colored Brows. Summer opened with this colorful eyebrow trend. If you’re feeling a little more festive and daring, beat the heat by painting your brows.

    Have fun with summer hues like teal, rich purple, magenta, gold and bright pop tones.

    First, line the bottom part of your brows with colored liquid eyeliner. Then apply a matching colored mascara on your brows to set the hairs in place.  You can also use eyeshadow for a softer and more subtle tint.

    When looking for a brow tint, take note of the color of your iris.  The right hue will accentuate your eyes. Magenta, burgundy and copper are perfect for blue eyes.

    Purple, gold and brown tints will rock green eyes.  Gold, plum and deep greens complement brown eyes.  Teal, olive green and blue tones will make hazel eyes glow even from afar.

  • Garden Brows. Think you’ve seen it all? This quirky and fun brows that popular YouTube beauty vlogger Taylor Richard created has inspired Instagrammers to come up with their own versions.

    Before summer bids goodbye, we dare you to give this out of the ordinary yet oh so pretty eyebrow trend a try.

    How to recreate this look? Apply wax on your brows to add more texture and make it clumpy like grass. Next step is to paint your brows with a grass green brow tint, liquid lipstick, liquid eyeliner or mascara.

    Lastly, adorn your brows with real flowers or stickers.  Use eyelash glue and tweezers to apply garden details (butterflies or leaves!) on top of your brow hairs and surrounding area.


5 Must-Try Eyebrow Products

It would be good to update your makeup stash so you can keep up with the latest eyebrow fashion trends.  We searched the net to find out the eyebrow products that won the approval of top beauty vloggers and makeup artists. Here are the makeup essentials that you ought to grab to get beautiful eyebrows.

  1. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil. You need a good eyebrow pencil to add dimension and fill in the gaps uniformly. This one has a retractable triangular tip that allows you to draw fine strands so your brows will not end up looking more natural.

    Price: $34

  2. Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. You need to have a clear gel for your textured or boy brows.  This is a clear, quick drying and non-sticky gel that can hold your unruly brows all day.

    Price: $ 22

  3. NYX Color Mascara. If you are ready to dive into the colored brow trend, check out NYX vibrant eight shades. This mascara is highly pigmented and will certainly add intense and long lasting color to your brows.  We will not be surprised if you end up getting all eight because the price is truly a steal.

    Price: $ 7

  4. Benefit 3D Browtones Instant Color Highlights. If you are not into pop colors, use this sheer brow tint to add subtle highlights and dimension to your eyebrows.  The formula is buildable so you can layer until you get the intensity you prefer.

    Price: $ 24

  5. Jeffree Star Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in Venus Flytrap.  It’s perfectly fine to try something extraordinary for as long as you do it right.  Turn your brows into faux green grass with this liquid lipstick.

    Price: $ 18


7 Tips On How To Grow Out Your Eyebrows

2019 is the year of thick, full eyebrows so it’s time to let go of over the top maintenance. It won’t be easy, especially if the habit of shaping your brows to perfection has grown on you. You need to sit back and master the art of doing nothing to your brows while you wait.

Here are some pointers on growing out your eyebrows:

  1. It’s time to give your tweezer a rest and also lessen your threading or waxing appointments. Let your brows be and leave them untouched while growing them out.  It’s best to ignore stray hairs and just let them grow.
  2. When stubbles or sparse hairs appear near the tail of your brows, hide them with a dry concealer for a neater look. Just trim your brows instead of tweeze.
  3. Waiting time may vary as it depends on the type of hair removal you used. If you tweezed or thread, hair will sprout back after six weeks. You will have to wait longer if you waxed because this method adversely affects the follicles the most.
  4. If you are not gifted with thick brows or have overly plucked your brows to oblivion invest in a good brow serum to enhance hair growth. This will stimulate hair growth and speed up the waiting time. Try Grande Brow, Neu Brow or Rapid Brow.
  5. After two to four months, you will notice that new hairs grow closer to the brow line. Resist the urge to pluck stray hairs because the gap between the brow line and your previous arch/shape will be filled in.  Just be patient.
  6. After four to six months, you will see more hair growth under the arch, at the beginning and tail end of your brows. Do not worry if the strands are not in sync.  In time they will all grow in one direction.
  7. Once you’ve reached the point where you are happy with your brows’ fullness and texture, take good care of them. Remember, less is more when it comes to DIY maintenance.

Go easy on the tweezer! Or you can have them groomed professionally but just make sure to let them know you do not want your brows to be too thin or too arched.

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