5 Best Cosmetic Bags

Every time I travel, I would promise myself the same thing – next time I’ll organize my beauty products and tools better. I used to just toss all my stuff around the suitcase and my bag, so it used to take me ages to dig around all my clothes, just to find my best liquid lipstick stuck in between my dress and flip flops. The perfect cosmetic bag is essential for every type of trip or weekend getaway, so you’ll always know where your beauty products are.

Small or Medium Cosmetic Bag?

There is no one bag that will suit all types travels. An unsuitable bag can either be unnecessarily big for a 2 day travel or simply too small to pack all your toiletries needed for 2 weeks. The size of the cosmetic bag is of high importance, and it should always fit your needs perfectly. So which size should you opt for?

Small Makeup Bags

Perfect for those who only need some powder, a little mascara and the best liquid lipstick to get through any day. It’s super practical, so you can carry it around everywhere and even fit it into a small purse. Even if you’re a true makeup addict, you might want to consider getting a small bag as an extra since they’re really handy for carrying essentials.  

Medium Size Bags

If you’re one of those who believes in carrying everything you might need, because you can never know what occasion you might find yourself in, then you will want to get a medium sized cosmetic bag. It will fit all your powders, foundation, mascaras and all the different lipsticks.

What To Look Out For In A Cosmetic Bag

Here are some extra tips to help you decide on which cosmetic bag to get:

  • How much space do you need? Do you need a small or a slightly bigger than usual cosmetic bag? And if you’re an impulsive buyer and lipstick lover like me, keep in mind that you’ll need some extra space if you happen to come across the best liquid lipstick during a trip to the shops.
  • Get a bag with waterproof liner. You don’t want to arrive to the hotel only to find out that your makeup remover has leaked all over your clothes. It’s also much easier to clean a waterproof liner when it gets inevitably marked with makeup.
  • Get a bag divided in compartments. It will help you stay organized.
  • If you want to see where everything is with a simple glance, a transparent bag might be the one to go for. I always see girls digging for items in their makeup bags in the restroom, especially when it comes to little items like eyeliner pencils.  Get a transparent one and it makes everything easier!

5 Cosmetic Bags To Choose

5. DuaFire Cosmetic Bag



You can’t go wrong with polka dots, right? This cosmetic bag is a nice one, made out of high quality materials (polyester). It comes with a nice durable handle and a zipper closure, which makes it convenient. It’s a spacious bag measuring 11.81 centimeters high and 13.48 centimeters wide.

It’s suitable for everyone, whether you’re a serious makeup professional or just insist on having everything you need with you. It’s also nice that once it’s emptied, it takes really little storage space since it’s quite soft and flexible. Plus, it’s easy to clean and comes with a nice mirror inside to help you when applying make up.  

  • Made from high quality polyester
  • Durable handle and zipper closure
  • Very spacious and easy to clean
  • Includes a mirror inside

  • Smells terrible when it comes
  • Too small for people with lots of makeup

 4. Louise Maelys Cosmetic And Brush Bag


This cosmetic bag is compact and portable. With it’s large capacity, it can store up to 30 pieces of makeup brushes and few cosmetics or other small objects. It can be used for your travels or as a way to organise your daily life.

One thing that really stands out is that it is great for storing all your makeup brushes! It’s really handy, since most cosmetic bags aren’t exactly designed to fit makeup brushes and will not protect them well.

  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Lets you carry around many brushes
  • Perfect for fitting makeup brushes

  • The material may damage brushes
  • The plastic-like material melts onto your brushes

3. Lightweight Hanging Cosmetic Bag With Compartments


This is a medium size bag that comes with 4 different compartments. 2 of those inside, and other 2 outside. It’s made out of waterproof materials to protect against spills. It measures 11” wide, 8” tall and 4.5” deep.

It’s a sturdy bag with a nice colorful design that will fit everything you need to carry with you. It’s nice that it’s waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about any leaks. The small compartments are also great for keeping tiny stuff like bobbi pins.The side pockets are also useful and they expand to make the bag wider.

  • Includes four different compartments
  • Made out of waterproof material
  • Has small compartments for every product

  • Elastic holders for brushes break easily
  • Material is a little cheap on the inside

2. Vera Bradley Small Cosmetic Bag


This cosmetic bag is made out of 100% cotton and can be washed in the washing machine at a gentle cycle and then air dried. It has a durable plastic liner and even has a side-carry loop. It’s thick, durable and handy to use, since it fits in most medium size bags. It’s great for weekend trips and it helps that the zipper opens easily. People also like that it has a wide opening so you can easily store items in and search for things.

  • Made out of 100% cotton and washes easily
  • Very durable and easy to carry
  • Has a wide opening to store items

  • Thinner than some people expect
  • People sometimes do not receive the right bag

1. Shany Clear Cosmetic Bag


This is a big cosmetic bag, almost resembling one that professional makeup artists use. Made of transparent 100% recycled dry vinyl, it features multiple external pockets as well as side pockets. It has a shoulder strap for easy carrying and fits even the biggest beauty accessories like blow dryer and flat iron.

If you need a really big cosmetic bag – go with this one. It fits everything (even your 3 different flat irons) and makes it really easy to locate things, since it’s fully transparent. Convenient flip top pockets and spacious compartments help make all your tools and accessories easy to reach.

  • Includes multiple pockets and side pockets
  • Has a shoulder strap to help you carry
  • Perfect for lots of makeup

  • Too big for most people’s purposes
  • Comes very stiff


Make sure that you really know what you’re looking for in a cosmetic bag and what you need it to do before setting out to find the perfect one. Do you go for long travels very often? Or maybe you need something small and simple to carry with yourself to the office every day. Whatever the case, getting a good one is essential for us makeup lovers!

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