5 Best Eyeliners for 2017

All brands claim to have the best eyeliner, but the truth is, there are so many to choose from these days that it’s really difficult to decide. When it comes to eyeliners, you’d definitely want to go for one that has good, long lasting pigmentation and doesn’t smudge. With so many types to choose from as well, we’ll guide you in this article so you know which ones to go for.

Choosing The Best Eyeliner

There are so many different types of eyeliners today, which gives a lot to consider when trying to decide on a good one. The type of eyeliner you choose doesn’t only depend on the brand and quality, but greatly depends on the effect you want to achieve and the application process you prefer. These are the three basic types of eyeliners available for you to choose from, along with some extra info that will help you decide which is the right type for you.

Gel Eyeliner

It’s definitely one that requires some time and practice to learn how to apply, but it’s certainly a top choice for most makeup enthusiasts if you plan on doing some cat eye makeup. Gel eyeliners come in a small jar, sometimes even with an eyeliner brush included. Its formula is pretty thick, which helps you create dramatic effects and clean lines. The bad side of gel eyeliners is that they do tend to dry faster than the other types so try to store them appropriately and keep them out of direct sunlight or heat.

Liquid Eyeliner

These come in many different shapes, some of which easier to use than the others. For instance, the ones that look like pens are much easier to use than the traditional ones that come with a built-in thin brush. Those are great for clean, precise lines and usually come in more colors than the other types of eyeliners. Also, if you’ve been in search of the best white eyeliner, chances are it will be a liquid one. The disadvantage of liquid eyeliners is that it can get really liquidy and cause a lot of errors and mess.

Pencil Eyeliner

Perfect for the ones that never get tired of the smoky eye look. Pencil eyeliners can be used in so many ways – for creating clean lines, for smudged smoky eyes looks, or in small dots for a real natural effect. Pencil eyeliners are really easy to use (especially when compared to the other types of eyeliners) and are great for a no-makeup daytime look, but can easily be transformed to a night look. The only bad side is that they can get really pointy, which makes it easy to hurt your eyes when applying. You can simply rub out the pointy part after you sharpen it on a tissue to blunt it out a little so it doesn’t hurt.

5. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner


Probably the most hyped eyeliner of all. This is a waterproof liquid liner that glides on with ease, that won’t smudge or run, and stays in place. The thin marker-like tip is easy to use even for the least experienced, and delivers a defined thin line to a dramatic bold line with precision. Goes on smoothly without skipping, smudging, or pulling, and lasts all day. It also comes with a felt tip applicator for easy, precise application.

  • Really easy to apply
  • Precise, clean, dark lines
  • No smudging or flaking
  • Lasts all day
  • Great for cat eyes
  • The applicator is great

  • A bit pricey
  • Takes a little while to dry

4. L’Oreal Paris Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner



This mechanical liner is made with superior long-wearing technology for beautifully defined eyes, up to 16 hours. It comes with a built-in sharpener and smudger to create versatile eye looks and is suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

  • Doesn’t smear
  • Very smooth
  • Stays on all day
  • Comes in with a built in sharpener and smudger
  • Great for smokey eye looks
  • Easy to apply

  • Smudger detaches easily
  • Needs a little pressure when applying

3. Maybelline New York Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner



The eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner comes with an eyeliner brush and holds highly concentrated pigments in a clear gel base, so its color is more intense and it promises to be line-resistant for 24 hours. This is a smudge proof and waterproof formula which can definitely come in handy.

  • Great quality for the price
  • Great for cat eyes
  • Extremely smooth
  • Lasts really long
  • Comes with a brush
  • Good with sensitive skin
  • Good for very defined lines

  • Not for beginners
  • Difficult for making softer lines

2. e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner



The cream formula creates smooth lines that are defined and precise. The eyeliner offers a smudge-proof, budge-proof and water-resistant coverage for all day wear to combat against sweat, tears or rain achieve thin or bold lines with ease. Also comes with a slanted eyeliner brush included.

  • Comes with a brush included
  • Doesn’t smudge
  • Lasts really long
  • Creamy and goes on easily
  • Great for dramatic looks and cat eyes

  • The brush it comes with is not so good
  • Difficult to take off

1. Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Liner



This Kohl Kajal liner by Rimmel offers high intensity color with a really smooth and creamy formula that glides on easily. It is waterproof, smudge-proof, sweat-proof, heat-proof, humidity-proof and scandal- proof. This is a dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested product that is safe for sensitive eyes.

  • Highly pigmented colour
  • Really smooth
  • Stays on all day
  • Super easy to apply
  • Great for smokey eyes
  • Works well with sensitive eyes

  • Difficult to sharpen
  • Not good for thin lines


Sometimes finding the best eyeliner type for you can take time and a lot of experimenting, but it’s worth it. Once you recognise the type that works best for you, you’ll probably stick with it for a long time. If you’re at a loss of where to even start when it comes to finding the best eyeliner, pick any one from our list and you’ll be on the right direction!

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