5 Best Hair Coloring Products

Many women color their hair regularly, and because having it done professionally can cost quite a lot, many opt to just do it themselves at home. While dyeing your own hair is a viable option, it’s quite a risk if you’re inexperienced. Also, store-bought and professional mixes differ greatly in quality. When deciding to color your own hair, it’s best to keep several things in mind.

The Rule of 2 Shades

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert in coloring your own hair, it’s best to adhere to what’s widely known as “The Rule Of Two Shades”. This rule states that when it comes to choosing a new color for your hair, it’s best to stick to two shades darker or lighter every coloring.

Going beyond those two shades can lead to drastic results, and you’d really want to avoid that from happening. Going too dark can lead to fading and discoloration, while going too light can be just as nasty. Subtle changes is the way to go and will help you get a better quality of color over several colorings.

Hair Coloring Tips To Remember

Don’t Go Extreme

Follow the Rule of 2 Shades, and don’t attempt to change your hair color from one color to a completely different one. Stick to two shades darker or lighter. Professionals are more likely to know how to minimize damage from completely changing your hair color and they’ll know better on how to change your hair color.  A change in hair color of this magnitude is likely to take multiple processes that is better done in a professional setting.

More Is Better

Don’t settle for getting just one box of dye for your hair coloring project, unless you want to end up running out right in the middle of it all. For shoulder length hair or longer, you’ll likely need more than one box. Don’t worry about ending up with an extra box as you can always use that for the next time.  

Do The Strand Test

Never skip this part! Check what effect the dye will have on your hair before doing it on your entire head. You can do this with a few trimmed strands or on a hidden part of your hair. People who have been tempted not to do this first have ended up with discolored hair.  

Approach It Like A Surgeon

Before you even get started, it’s important to have everything ready right in front of you so you don’t have the messy scramble once the process gets started. Read the instructions and find out what exactly you need in advance. Being well prepared can also minimize the chance of accidents like leaving your dye in for too long!

Start From The Top

When applying the dye, you should start from your roots then proceed to brush it down the rest of your hair to distribute it. Also, work in sections like how they would do it at the salon to ensure that you get enough coverage.

Prepare Wet Wipes

If the dye gets on your skin, you have to immediately wipe it off with wet wipes to get it out of your skin. Don’t wait until you’re finished with the hair coloring project until you remove it as it will have set by then and you’re going to have trouble removing it then.

Rinse, Don’t Shampoo

Shampoo gets dye out of your hair, so you wouldn’t want to wash it off when it’s still fresh on your hair. Skip the shampoo and settle for just rinsing it out with water. Colored hair must be washed at least every other day to help the color last longer.

5. Clairol Nice N Easy Touch Up Matches



Touch-up your gray roots between coloring sessions with this product. It offers 100% gray coverage and only takes 10 minutes before rinsing (don’t shampoo!). Also included is a Precision Color Brush to make the application easier. It blends well with previous shades and can last up to 3 weeks.

  • Can last up to 3 weeks
  • Comes with a precision brush
  • Simple procedure that requires only 10 minutes
  • Blends very quickly and evenly

  • Some people dislike the strong smell

4. Godefroy Color Tint


If you hate that scent of ammonia when coloring your hair, then this no-odor product may be the right one for you. It covers gray hair and the kit can be used for up to 20 applications.

Cruelty free, this set is a complete kit with everything you need for 20 applications. Just remember never to use it for your eyebrows and lashes. It is also very popular for how long lasting it is and how the color doesn’t fade.

  • Comes with everything you need in a complete kit
  • Color appears very natural
  • Long lasting effect so you don’t have to touch up so often

  • Some customers say that the capsules vary in color

3. Style Edit Root Concealer


This root concealer is pretty easy to apply as it’s in a spray can. It also has a unique pinpoint applicator so you can apply it on areas which need touching up. It hides the gray hair in your roots and is great to use until your next coloring appointment.

It comes equipped with a spray can with a pinpoint applicator and is available in five color-adjusting formulas. It dries quickly and does not run – definitely a great quick and instant fix! Some people do find that they need to reapply regularly though.

  • A simple procedures that works in mere seconds
  • Washes out easily and quickly with shampoo
  • Made of naturally derived pigments

  • The formula is a little watery and dilute

2. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Crème


This permanent hair color has triple protection for it to last longer and also revitalizes and protects your hair as an added bonus. The radiant colors revitalize your hair and have a long lasting gray coverage to keep your gray spots hidden well.   

  • Helps to revitalize and refresh your hair
  • Long last effect so you don’t have to touch up so often
  • Shade looks natural and blends in well

  • Some inconsistencies in the color at times

1. Just For Men Original Color Formula


This hair color has a natural looking gray coverage and only covers the gray areas of your hair. In 5 minutes, this product kicks in and it also has a shampoo-in formula. The color lasts for up to 6 weeks or so.  

  • Works very quickly in only 5 minutes
  • Easy to use and apply – non-drip shampoo formula
  • Long lasting up to 8 weeks

  • There’s been a recent change in formula


You can manage coloring your own hair at home as long as you follow careful procedures and only do so if you’re sure about what you’re doing. Remember that the more complicated processes are better done by experts. But if it’s just a touch up here and there, then you’re good to go.

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