5 Best Nail Polish Removers of 2017

Having great nail polish is important, but it’s just as important to have the right nail polish remover too. You need something that’ll be safe to use while remaining effective. Most of the time drugstore brands just don’t get the job done right. I was tired of removers that didn’t actually remove my nail polish, so I took a look at the best removers of this year. Some work for acrylic nails and other are best for gel, depending on what kind of polish you need to remove.

5 Best Nail Polish Removers of 2017

Let’s take a look at the 5 removers that I found worked best. With any one of these, you should no longer have a problem removing that nail polish.

5. Onyx Professional Soak Off Shellac & Gel Nail Polish Remover



This remover by Onyx is not only coconut scented, but removes shellac polish, gel nails, regular polish, artificial nails, nail glue, glitter polish, and more. Even the best press-on nails stand no chance since this will gently remove the glue without harming your nails! The vitamin E and grape seed oil work to condition your nails to give you a healthy appearance even without nail polish, and the coconut scent shouldn’t be as stringent as usual removers. On top of this, you can get a lot out of one bottle. The 16 ounces should last you a while regardless of what you end up using it for.

  • Super easy to take off stubborn glitter nails
  • Just a little will completely remove your polish
  • If you wrap it with foil, acrylic and nail glue dissolve
  • Great smell that isn’t strong
  • Perfect price point

  • Dries out and removes all oil from your nails
  • Does not work as well for gel nails

4. Onyx Professional 100% Acetone Nail Polish Remover


Onyx Professional makes great nail polish removers, all of which are meant to remove all different types of nail polish without a problem. This acetone nail polish is meant to remove artificial or press-on nails, along with regular nail polish, gel polish, and more. Even nail glue and glitter polish stand no chance against this product since it’s made from 100% pure acetone. It may be a little strong, but it’s more than worth it if you can swipe and remove your polish with ease. Just grab this 16-ounce bottle and watch it clean up your nails every time you get tired of the color or they starting chipping.

  • Even with multiple coats, it only takes a few swipes
  • No odor
  • No soaking, scrubbing or smearing polish
  • Works on all types of nails

  • You can buy a cheaper version in stores rather than online
  • Does dry the skin and nails out
  • Gel polish is a little more difficult to remove

3. Organic Lavender Nail Polish Remover


It’s not often that you find a nail polish remover that is made from real natural and safe ingredients. Lots of people question if organic removers actually work to remove nail polish, but this organic lavender remover claims to do just that. It’s completely non-toxic, vegan, and natural. It’s even cruelty free, so you can be assured that you’re buying a product that’s been tested safely too. The formula in this product uses oils to nourish your nails while you use it, and the lavender smell shouldn’t overwhelm your senses. It works so well that you’ll only need one cotton ball for all your nails! It may not work on gel or acrylic nails, but for all other nail polish, you’ll be wishing you had it sooner.

  • No overpowering smell
  • You won’t need more than 5 seconds per nail
  • Includes oils and vitamin E to help your skin and nails
  • A little bit goes a long way

  • It’s fairly pricey for a small bottle
  • This remover is a bit oily

2. MARKARTT Box Nail Gel Polish Remover Wraps



Markartt makes foil wraps that soak in order to remove your nail polish. Because they’re thick, they can fit on toes and fingers with ease. Once you get a good soak, your nail polish will be off in no time. For even gel and acrylic nails, what used to take 15 minutes to remove now only takes around 3! Not only that, but they’re easy to use too. Just put a little acetone on the wrap and put it around your finger. Do both hands at once to prep for a professional style gel manicure, and with 200 wraps included, you’ll have a lot to last you for a long time.

  • Takes less time and stress to remove gel nails
  • The thicker and longer foil make a very tight seal
  • Can be reused a few times after using
  • You can still do many things around the house while soaking

  • Its a little hard to get the wraps on all ten fingers at once
  • You do need to buy seperate acetone

1. ZOYA Remove Plus



This award winning, gentle, and highly effective nail polish remover by Zoya works like three products all in one. Not only does it remove your nail polish, but it preps your nails for future manicures, and works as a conditioner for your nails too. Thanks to this remover, polish spreads quickly and evenly, without any streaks the next time you apply it. It’s perfect for all nail polish brands with a variety of sizes available if you don’t need a huge bottle right away. No matter what nail polish you’ve got on, this will keep your nails looking healthy until you’re ready for a new coat.

  • Takes the polish off without any pressure and a few swipes
  • Nails feel conditioned after using
  • Works with all types of polishes
  • Not strongly fragranced

  • There is a distinct, but not as powerful, smell
  • May not work as well with gel
  • Bottles have leaked


There’s nothing more annoying than spending forever trying to remove your nail polish only to feel like you’re getting nowhere. Instead of wasting your time with removers that frustrate you, take a look at these top five nail polish removers of 2017. With any one of them, you’ll be ready for the next coat when it’s time to apply a new color!

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