Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer: Give your Look That Professional Look That Will Turn Heads

Not only do you want to look good for those special occasions, but you also want to look good every day. But when looking in the mirror first thing in the morning you probably wonder how you can do this. Of course, you reach for your make-up bag, but are the cosmetics you have in there really the best for you?

With such a large selection of products on the market ranging from eye shadow to eyeliner and eyebrow liner and even lipstick it’s hard to decide what to buy.

But the worst thing is when you ago out and see those beautiful people whose skin is flawless and perfectly made up – yes, first thing in the morning! You start asking yourself just how they manage to look like that.

How you make up is definitely an individual thing, but the base to it all is your face primer. You may not realize, but this is the most beneficial part of your make-up program. It helps to give your skin tone a more even effect and it’s wonderful as a base for foundation. You’ll find that your foundation will stay on longer as the primer has worked as a base for it to hold on to.

No, there’s no magic involved but if you suffer from redness of the skin or have a lot of sunspots this could seem like a magical solution for you. Together with your foundation the result will be effective. What’s more, it will even cover those fine wrinkles or fine lines that have appeared on your skin overnight!

You may have always considered a primer as unnecessary as your foundation covers most of your blemishes. But think again. Any scars, bumps or blemishes to your skin probably still show through when you use foundation alone.


What You Should Look For

There are so many products on the market that it’s difficult to know which is the right one for you. To know what to look for you have to first consider your skin type then think of what you expect from the product. The following questions will help you to do this.

  • Are you looking for something to cover deep scars?
  • Do you want to make you skin tone look more even than it is?
  • Does your skin become irritated easily because of sensitivity?
  • Do you find that foundation no longer gives you the coverage that you really need?
  • Is it a matt effect that you want to achieve because your skin is oily?
  • Are you looking to avoid that flaky skin look that you get when you put on foundation because your skin is dry?
  • Do you find that your foundation no longer goes on smoothly enough?
  • Do you want to minimize your pores as they have become so apparent?
  • Are you an allergy sufferer whose skin is affected by ingredients such as silicone that is found in most foundations and primers?

These questions should have helped you to understand you skin and your needs. So now you just need to decide on which primer is the one for you.

Generally primers are transparent, but some have a slight color to help even out your tone. If you find that your foundation doesn’t really cover the redness of your skin then you need a primer in a green tone. If it’s a healthier, fresher look that you are aiming for then you should choose a pink tone. Whereas if you want to eliminate that sickly look you skin has then blue is the color for you.

Naturally, you are also thinking about the price as the best products always seem to be so much more expensive than the drug store products. Don’t be put off – the top brands even offer a more affordable primer that is also professional.

It’s important that you take time when making a decision on what to buy. First read through the reviews. If you look through the reviews for the Benefit POREfessional Face Primer you will see that many people have been more than pleased with it. It does what it says. That is, it gives the coverage you need at a price you can afford. Check our benefit porefessional review to find out more.


Product Specifications


This is a product that will look really good in your make-up bag due to its trendy design. Not only that, but the packaging is also very attractive. The product, which is tube shaped, is perfect if you want to carry it with you. With a measurement of 4.7 x 3.9 x 6.3 inches and weighing only 0.75 oz. it can fit anywhere: In your purse or in your pocket.  You can be sure that it will stay fresh and functional as it is foil sealed.

What Can You Expect From This Product?

We all love attractive packaging, but more important is knowing how the product works. It is great at smoothing out your skin as a base for your foundation. Although the product may look colored when you apply it, it becomes transparent immediately. It is the perfect solution for covering fine lines and wrinkles, large pores or even hiding scars. You are looking for that something special, then the benefit professional primer is just what you need. No need to worry if you need to apply your make-up in a hurry. It dries quickly.

The ingredients used are listed so check them out first if you suffer from allergies. It contains salicylic acid and silicone so if you are allergic to those ingredients then this isn’t the right product for you. But if you are looking for the best face primer for oily skin or the best face primer for dry skin then you don’t need to look any further. This product is oil free so it’s ideal to use if you don’t like a shine to your make-up, but at the same time it offers enough moisture for dry skin.


What Are The Benefits?

There are advantages galore in using the benefit porefessional primer. It’s perfect in quality and size and it’s also the best face primer for oily or dry skin. Read the following benefits to find out if it is the right one for you.

  • If you’re planning a photo shoot then you’ll want to look flawless in the photos. This make-up will cover any large pores and thereby reduce any blemishes. Your skin tone will also look much evener if you’re being photographed under extra bright lights. It will even help to avoid that shiny look that you get with many products.
  • It will give you a much clearer looking complexion as it smoothens out the pores. This is because the product’s texture is smooth and soft. So if it’s an even appearance that you are aiming for this is a must on your shopping list.
  • Should you be looking for a matt effect to help keep sweat and oil at bay then this product will help. It is perfect for people who suffer from an oily skin shine.
  • Its perfect for any occasion. It can even be used alone to give a soft look although it is transparent. It’s something to keep in your make-up bag so that you have it handy at all times.
  • For anyone who likes fragranced makeup, the subtle lemon-like fragrance of this product is great.
  • As it’s lightweight it is easy to apply and its soft smooth texture makes it ideal for using under make-up.
  • It offers a natural look and can be used with or without foundation. By using it you can avoid your make-up looking caked.
  • Application is smooth due to its creamy texture. But although it is creamy it still has a matte finish. One important point is that it even helps in hydrating your skin. This is extremely important when you use make-up, especially if you have dry skin.
  • If you’re looking to cover blemishes, you’ll find that it provides you with more coverage. It helps the foundation to stay on your skin better.
  • For those days at work that are never ending you can be sure that this product will help your foundation to stay on.
  • The product is long lasting so you need to use very little for each application. Although it’s not cheap, it definitely good value for money as you can expect it to do exactly what it says.

Whether you are looking for something that will moisturize your skin or cover those blemishes this primer will give you all you need. It’s a product that no woman should be without.


When Should You Use It?

You can use this product for any occasion. You won’t end up with a caked look as it has such a light texture. You also won’t look as though you are over made up. If you want something that will last all day this is just what you need. It also offers extra coverage when you’re looking for something heavier for eveningwear.

For that special occasion where you’ll be too busy to find the time to reapply your make-up the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional Face Primer is ideal as it will help your make-up to last longer. No need to worry that those unsightly blemishes will show through.

When you consider it, it works like a filter. The real you will look just like a photo shoot version of you as it gives you extra smooth coverage. It’s ideal for that special date or important job interview where you want to look flawless. Or even for that stunning look when you go out partying at night. You’ll no longer need to envy those women with a flawless look. You probably never considered how they managed such a look as this is a product that isn’t much discussed among women.

It’s a product that you can use anywhere and everywhere and also whenever you want. Whether you want to keep it for special occasions or use it everyday it’s a definite must for your make-up bag.


Tips And Tricks For Apply The Product

It should be applied on skin that is perfectly clean and dry. After washing your skin you should apply a little moisturizer and rub it in completely. Now it’s time to apply the benefit porefessional primer.

Squeeze a few drops onto your fingertips and apply them to your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks. You can use a sponge to apply it if you prefer, but you’ll achieve a better application by using your fingertips.

Wait a few minutes before applying foundation as this will ensure that application is smooth and successful. Although it is essentially a base for make-up, some people have said that it also works well when applied on top of your make-up. But you’ll be guaranteed the best results if you use it as a base product.

TIP: As it is quick drying you should apply it in one go otherwise you may find that it cakes-up.


Is The Benefit Porefessional Primer The Right Product For You?

It’s always difficult to know exactly what is the right product for you. This product may not suit everyone, but it does offer quality for most. For those with normal or oily skin it is especially beneficial as it provides a matt effect. If your skin is extremely dry then maybe you need a product that offers more moisture. Should you be unsure of your skin type, then use moisturizer before applying. It’s the right product for you if you’re looking for something that doesn’t make you shine and also covers the pores. You can be sure of a high quality product even though it is a bit pricey. Any unwanted blemishes will be smoothed out so you can say goodbye to those fine lines and wrinkles. Also, it’s safe for acne sufferers to use because it is oil-free.

Maybe the fragrance is not for you if you don’t like using scented make-up. Although it’s not a heavy smell, it’s not for everyone. Don’t forget to consider whether you have a silicone allergy. Silicone is an important ingredient for primers as it provides the smooth effect, but for people with a silicone allergy it’s a no-go.

It’s smooth texture, functionality and quality is what makes it the perfect addition to your make-up routine. If you’re looking for the best value for money in name-brand primers then you need look no further.




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