Best Clear Mascara Of 2019

It is that one cosmetic that gives that last finishing touch to make your eyelashes look fuller and draw attention to your eyes. You simply cannot complete that sexy look without it.

While there are loads of different products available with different colors as well, you may want to consider using one with no pigmentation. Clear eye makeup is becoming very popular and you will find out in the below sections when to best use them. You can use this table of content to jump down to a specific section and check out the top product recommendations.


Best Clear Mascara for Black Lashes

Mascara is one of the eye cosmetics that gives a great, sexy look. It is used to define, lengthen, thicken and darken the eyelashes. Most often it comes in the form of cake, liquid or cream and will contain preservatives, waxes, oils and pigment components in them.

The formulas used by different companies vary significantly. There is not one secret formula that works, and you will find that new and better products are constantly being promoted.

Black mascara is the most common type of mascara that most women are using, but there are some clear mascaras which you can use as well. We have put together this list of best clear mascaras. They are all available online so you can order yours today.

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Myb Masc G/L Clear


CoverGirl No Color Mascara


CAN make Mascara


LashControl Mascara


Beauty Buffet Lip Stain Marker


The Essence of Clear Mascara

Most of the people favor black mascara because it makes their lashes darker and stand out more. Clear mascara may be a bit out of your style but it could also give you darker lashes. This type of mascara will give you a natural look when you pair it up with lightly tinted eye pencil, eyeshadow, blush, and facial powder.

Clear mascara is commonly used by television and film actors who seem to not be wearing makeup. It can also be used as touch-ups throughout the day rather than constantly reapplying a colored product. It is better than re-applying black mascara over and over again because this might make your lashes look unnatural.

Best Clear Mascara for Your Lashes

Clear mascara is a good cosmetic product that you can bring anywhere and can be used anytime. With this type, you can do something impossible and will receive benefits which you are not expecting. The best clear mascara available in the market is just waiting for you to buy them. To help you through the long list of available products, we have created these top recommendations.

1. Maybelline New York Great Lash Clear Mascara for Lash and Brow

A clear gel formula that provides the lashes with a polished look. This is the product that is perfect for grooming and separating both brows and lashes in one. It is really easy to apply and is great when combined with a normal colored one.

Maybelline is one of the leading brands when it comes to makeup and the company offers great quality at very affordable prices. To achieve best results, make sure you do not allow the gel to dry between applying several coats.

2. CoverGirl Professional Natural Lash No Color Mascara Clear

This is a clear mascara that tames the eyebrows and creates natural-looking eyelashes. It is ophthalmological-tested and is hypoallergenic which make it safe for the eyes. If you tend to have reactions with a lot of eye products then this is possibly one of the best options available.

The results are exceptionally good and you will end up with very natural looking lashes. It’s ideal for all women who like to keep their hair color natural, but at the same time still achieve that attention drawing looking.

3. CAN make Clear Coat Mascara

This is a dual-transparent mascara that envelops your lashes with its clear gel that creates a good look. This prevents shedding and bleeding and also eliminates clumping that can get very annoying.

You will also achieve great results with this for your eyebrows. It can be common for stray hairs to stick out. With a little bit of clear gel applied after your pencil, you can regain control of your appearance.

4. LashControl Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix

Clear mascara that is fun, easy, gentle, and unique to use. One of the best in the market for it has a patented built-in squeezable wiper sleeve that will enable you to control your application. Simply push the bottle together as you pull out the brush and you will avoid large and uneven amounts of gel on the brush.

Because of this you will have much better results and you also end up wasting a lot less. How often have you pulled out the brush only to use a tissue to remove some of the gel? You will be pleasantly surprised how long this product will last.

The non-irritating formula makes it ideal for women with allergies and sensitive eyes. You can still have fuller lashes without that annoying and painful reaction.

5. NYX Mascara Clear

Expertly thickens and lengthens your lashes. It contains some skin conditioning agents that will make it safe for women with sensitive eyes. The formula is very comfortable to wear all day and still achieves the result of long and beautiful lashes. All this with the benefit of looking completely natural.

Gel Mascara Reviews

Most women use this type of eye makeup on eyelashes and brows. There are a couple of benefits that this clear gel brings, that might make you consider trying it out. You will definitely see great results and it might become an essential part of your makeup routine.

Firstly, it can help to control and straighten out any stray hairs that do not want to line up with the rest. This is ideal for your brows as well where those annoying stray hairs can be common.

best clear mascara 

The idea behind this product is very similar to hair styling gel. With the obvious difference being that it does not clump or give you a sticky effect. At least not when you buy a quality product.

Secondly, the gel works great to separate your lashes to make them much more defined. At the same time, it will lengthen the lashes to make them a much more prominent feature of your eyes. And that is the whole idea behind these products.

Many women use gel for two main purposes:

  • As A Base Coat: The gel is ideal for preparing your lashes and getting them into the shape and length you want them to be. You can then use your tinted product to add a desired color. For many women this gives longer, fuller lashes.
  • For Ease Of Application: If you sometimes struggle with smudges and smearing then just using a gel will work perfectly fine. Any small mistakes you make will be practically unnoticeable. This works particularly well if you already have thick and dark lashes that don’t need to have color added.

To complete this gel mascara reviews section, we would like to highlight one of the best products on the market. Maybelline Great Lash is possibly the best product you can buy. It is very reasonably priced and the customer reviews are excellent.

Transparent Mascara: The Perfect Solution For The Sporty

water based mascaraMost gel-based products, including the one above, will generally be clear and transparent. This means there is no color tinting involved and you keep your natural eyelash color. For many women this is preferred, especially when their lashes are naturally thick and dark.

But for women who do a lot of sport, transparent eye makeup can be ideal. We’re not talking about putting on makeup before you head to the gym. If you tend to go to the gym after work, then you want to avoid looking like a zombie when you get off the treadmill or cross trainer. It isn’t the most flattering look.

To avoid this, but still give your lashes that enhanced and naturally fuller appearance, you can simply use transparent gel. This will shape and lengthen the hair, but once you start sweating, it will not cause the dreaded smudging. This also means that you do not have to remove all your eye cosmetics before you start exercising.

Hypoallergenic Mascara

hypoallergenic mascara You don’t have to wear contacts or suffer from allergies to have annoying reactions to eye-makeup. The skin around your lashes can be very sensitive and reactive to different products. As a result, you can end up with red and puffy eyes and a constant itching or burning sensation.

If this sounds familiar then the first thing you should do is avoid using waterproof products. Don’t get me wrong, these are excellent at what they do. But waterproof means much harder to get off at night time. And the more you have to rub your eyes the more sensitive your skin will become.

Different times of year might also result in different levels of sensitivity. Seasonal hay fever can significantly increase how your skin reacts. If you know that summer time will bring allergic reactions then be prepared with these types of products.

Hypoallergenic products are generally designed in a way that avoids ingredients known to cause irritations. Such formulas mainly avoid using fragrances and common allergens.

You can tell whether a product falls into this category as it usually is a focus point on the marketing material.

You can look out for markings including “hypoallergenic” or “Suitable For Sensitive Eyes”.

One thing is important to note. Just because you try out some of these products doesn’t guarantee that you won’t have a reaction. For those with very sensitive skin it might take several attempts to find the right product. And, once you have found that, make sure you stick with it!

Best Waterproof Mascara

makeup setMany women have not yet discovered the great advantages of water resistant eye makeup. You might be worried whether it will do damage? Maybe you’ll end up with bald eye lids? Or you’ve heard that it’s a pain to get off? These are all valid questions and you’ll get the answers right here.

The first thing you should know is that they will not damage the hair, and the branded products have all been extensively tried and tested. Waterproof products themselves will not damage your skin or hair. But they are not really suitable if you have very sensitive eyes.

The reason for his is that they are a bit harder to remove at nighttime. You will end up rubbing a bit harder and this can aggravate already sensitive eyes. If you tend to use hypoallergenic products a lot, then using a waterproof product should only be done occasionally.

Now, why and when would you use this type of make up? Summer season is on the way and hot and humid vacation destinations could be just around the corner. I’m sure you’ll still want to have those long and sexy lashes to go with the bikini, right?

If that is the case then using normal mascara will just not work. You’ll jump into the pool or go for a stroll in 95% humidity. And before you know it you’ll look like an extra from the Walking Dead. Not the look you want to go for.

In this case you only have two options. Either don’t use eyelash enhancers or buy a good waterproof product. The special formulas will make sure that it doesn’t run or smudge. And it will not leak into your eyes either.

One of the best waterproof mascara products on the market is HeyBeauty Volume. It uses an organic formula and customer reviews are exceptionally good. Check out the product at the above link to order yours today.

If you are heading on vacation soon, then be prepared before you get there.

Water Based Mascara

natural productsMost women don’t really look for such products on a regular basis. But the truth is, that most of the above products generally work far better than water based ones. They last longer and do give a much fuller appearance. This is mainly down the fact that they mostly are oil based.

However, there are times when such eye makeup is actually quite essential. If you are using eyelash extensions then you should only use a water-based product. The reason for this is that good extensions should already give you full volume and length. Normal mascara will not add much benefit, and can actually have some negative results.

Oil based products can damage the extensions and as a result they will not last nearly as long as normal. Good extensions can last up to 6 weeks when they are looked after and applied correctly. But regular mascara will cause the fake lashes to loosen and they will easily fall off. They will also start to clump together and that is not the look you want to go for.

Other than for use with extensions, you should consider these products when you are seeing allergic reactions to hypoallergenic ones. It is possible that the oil is causing the irritation and that water-based options will solve this. If that is the case then either use one of the above gels or the product recommended below.

Finally, they are also very easy to remove at nighttime. So, if you are tired of spending loads of time removing your eye makeup, you can save yourself a lot of time. You won’t need special removers or large amounts of soap. These can often irritate the eyes as well and be quite painful.

Here is one of the best products you can buy: Beauty7 Max 2. It is formulated to use natural products and is ideal if you are looking for an oil free product. The application process is exactly the same as with oil based ones, so you won’t need to use different techniques.


Whatever brand you choose, the best clear mascara for you might not be the best for the others. Choosing clear mascara is easy as long as you know the brand of your choice and the ingredients it has that must be good for your eyes. When irritation occurs, go directly to your doctor and ask on some remedies that might cure such irritation.

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