Best Eye Makeup Brushes for Sensitive Skin Of 2019

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5 Best Eye Makeup Brushes for Sensitive Skin

When you have truly sensitive skin, the reality is putting on eye makeup can be harsh. It could even lead to more serious skin problems like irritations and allergies. So you don’t just trust any eye makeup to use.  But it’s not just the eye shadows that are to blame for the problem – the brush you’re using could be dangerous to your skin too.

Four out of 5 women don’t realize that what’s causing some of the irritation on their skin is the brush itself. You might not even know you’re too sensitive for the type of brush you’re using. If you have sensitive skin, here are the 5 best eye makeup brushes you must use:

  1. Jane Iredale – She has the reputation for making products that are especially good for sensitive skin. Trust her brushes because they’re the best hand-made makeup brush overall. The brushes are hand-tied together and glued so it won’t shed too much.
  2. Lumiere – The brand is known for very soft bristle despite being synthetic. The secret is on how they were treated. No harsh chemicals remain on the brush so it won’t hurt the skin especially if they’re cleaned well.
  3. Pristine Planet – This is also known for softness and many women rave about the quality of the brushes. It’s synthetic and animal-free but carefully treated to use for sensitive skin types. Specific cleaning instructions are needed but it’s worth doing them to maintain its properties.
  4. Taklon – These brushes are made of synthetic materials but are best for applying cream or liquid makeup. They have the ability to hold the liquid consistency and spread them evenly on the eyes. What’s best about them are the anti-bacterial benefits which are especially good when you’re currently having treatments for skin problems.
  5. Mac – For the best all-around, all skin-type brush, it’s recommended to use Mac’s #224, #219 and #239 brushes to make blending more compact and smooth. These brushes are designed to prevent smudges so you can use any color you want to blend on your eyes. These were designed to create definition. Plus, when you hear of Mac, the brand is built for quality makeup and tools that would last for a long time.

Whether you go for the synthetic or animal hair brushes, the choice should be based on your skin type first and then the type of use will come only second in consideration. Make sure to clean and take proper care of your brushes to make them last. And don’t risk your sensitive skin by using just any brand. Trust only what the expert’s recommend. Comment down below to let us know any of the best eye makeup brushes you like to share!

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