4 Tips For Getting The Best Eyebrow Look For Every Face Shape: Perfect Eyebrows All The Time!

Don’t we all envy women who have mastered the art of shaping their own eyebrows?  Don’t get disheartened just yet, filling and shaping the brows cannot be perfected overnight but with extreme dedication it is possible.

Many women jump right away to learning how to fill/shade the eyebrows thereby failing to include a very important factor in the equation – different face shapes. Fact is one eyebrow shape does not match all types of faces. That’s why you need to figure out the eyebrow look that suits your face shape in order to create a good flow of your facial features.

If you are a brow newbie, it’s best to study your face shape first before you take hold of a pencil or tweezer. If you feel that there’s still something off with your eyebrows despite your flawless shading, it is possible that you have committed a mismatch.  Read on to discover the best eyebrow looks that match different face shapes.

  • Oval – Low arch brows or boy brows will pair beautifully with this face shape. Thick brows with high arches also look stunning on oval shaped face with strong cheekbones.

    Also, fuller eyebrows will make you look younger so do not over trim or pluck.  Make sure that you do not make the arches too sharp as it will drown out your eyes.
  • Long – Flat brow look with a drawn-out or extended tail will balance your facial features. This eyebrow shape will make your face appear shorter. Take note that the tail should go past the corner of your eye.  Make sure to not draw it pointing too downwards so your eyes won’t look droopy.
  • Round – Your brows should have a high arch to create symmetry and add definition to your face. Make sure that your arch is right above the brow bone and not at the center so you won’t end up with this uncanny surprised look.

    If you are not a fan of strong arches then opt for a soft angled brows.  Avoid round shaped brows as these won’t flatter your face shape.

  • Square – Since your face is strongly defined already, soften your look with curved brows also known as “S” shape. You can also go for a soft angled eyebrow shape with a low, medium or high arch.

    Softly rounded brows will go well with your sharp features too.  Go easy on the plucking though so your brows won’t look overly round like a rainbow.

  • Diamond – High arched brows, textured brows and round brows will soften your strong facial features. These eyebrow looks have a slimming effect on diamond shaped face because they provide a striking contrast to wide cheekbones and also divert attention to your eyes instead.
  • Heart – Because of your delicate features, it is important to keep your brows well-groomed all the time. Regularly trim your bushy brows if you just want to keep your natural eyebrow shape.

You can also try the low arch rounded brows because it will look amazingly feminine on you.  Avoid textured or overly thin brows as it will clash with your face shape.


Tip #1 – How To Trim Your Eyebrows

If your brows are naturally thick and long, it is important to trim them so they won’t look unkempt and be difficult to fill-in.  All you’ll need is a spoolie brush and pair of eyebrow scissors.

Begin by brushing your brow towards its natural direction of growth and then trim the strands that go way past your natural shape.  Trim only a little at a time so go easy on the scissors.


Tip #2 – How to Map Out Your Eyebrows

Before you start shaping and filling in your brow, determine first where it should start and end.  How to do this? Use a thin makeup brush and hold it vertically from the outer end of your nostril straight up to the inner part of the brow.  This is the starting point of your eyebrow.

Next, hold the brush horizontally over the top of each brows to make sure that your arches are aligned.  If one is a little off, you will have to fill in your brow to match the height of the other. To find out where your tail should end, hold your brush diagonally front the outer end of your nostril to the outer corner of your eye.


Tip #3 – How To Define Your Eyebrows

The way you glam up your brows depends on the shape you were born with.  After determining the look that matches your face shape, get your eyebrow tools ready and start defining them.

  • Thick Eyebrows. To get the eyebrow look that match your face shape, you need the help of a pair of reliable tweezers and eyebrow scissors.  Pluck out hairs that go past the starting and end points of your brows.

    Begin with the strands that are resting on the unibrow area. Then trim the long strands to free your brows from bulk.

    Next pluck a few hair under your arch area and finish off by cleaning up a little on the tail.  No need to shorten the ends if you are blessed with long eyebrows.  Pluck only if your brows point too far down.
  • Arch Less Eyebrows. Map out your brow to determine where your arch should be.  Remember, the peak should be aligned with the outermost corner of your eye.

    Start plucking hairs at the bottom till you get the shape you desire.  Then fill in from your starting point all the way to tail end using a brow pencil.  Apply highlighter under and above the arch to accentuate it.
  • Short Eyebrows. If your brows do not reach the ideal end point, fill in your tail with a brow pencil to make them look thicker and longer.  Don’t over extend your tail downward so your brows won’t droop.

    Use the natural thickness of the front part of your brows as guide for how wide you’ll shade the entire brow.

    Begin filling the inner corner with short light strokes and finish off penciling the tail till end point. Apply slightly lighter brow powder and blend with a spoolie brush to make it look more natural.
  • Patchy Eyebrows. The thickness of brows may not be consistent from beginning to end.

    First, tweeze stray hairs around your natural brow shape.  Next using an angled brow brush fill in your brow starting at the inner corner all the way to the tail end.  Or you can use a brow pencil to fill in the gaps with short hair like strokes. After filling in, brush the entire brow with a spoolie to blend.

    Do not fill in your brow with one single sweeping motion.  The best way to shape your eyebrow is to mimic the look of brow strands so use short, flicking motions to apply the brow product (pencil or powder).  Also, draw in the natural direction your strands are growing.

Tip #4 – How To Reshape Your Eyebrows

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to trimming and plucking our brows.  The good thing is you can alter your look with these easy to follow quick guide.

  • Over Tweezed Eyebrows. Who would have thought fuller brows will be in vogue? If you have over plucked your brows it can be frustrating to wait for them to grow back. For the time being, hide your tweezers and rely on eyebrow makeup.

    Use a good brow pencil that matches your natural brow color like Anastasia Brow whiz or Maybelline Eyebrow Pen to fill in the gaps with short hair like strokes.

    Then apply brow powder from start to end point and blend using a spoolie brush. Pick a color that is one to two shades lighter than your hair color. Set your brows with clear brow gel.
  • Angry Brows. If you overly plucked under the arch area, chances are you look like you are ready for battle all the time.  Relax those brows by tweezing a few strands above the arch.

    Fill in your brows using a hard waxy pencil.  Lightly draw short hair like strands until you get your ideal shape.  Using an angle brow brush dipped in eyebrow powder you can also draw a line beneath the arch to reshape your brow.

Your eyebrows accentuate the beauty of your eyes. If you take care of them, they will take care of you! Properly styled, it will accentuate your overall beauty. For maximum effect, you should always consider the shape of your face. Follow the guidelines in this article, and you may be the next Brooke Shields or Cara Delevingne!

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