Best Eyelash Curler For Asian Eyes Of 2017

Best Eyelash Curler For Asian Eyes

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Eyelash Curler – Shiseido


Classic Eyelash Curler – Shu Uemura


Sonia Kashuk Curl-Up Lash Curler


What Is The Best Eyelash Curler For Asian Eyes?

Even if you’re from the western countries, you may still have a tough time getting your hands on the gorgeous, curly lashes that would make any boys drool over your enticing appearance. If you think you have it tough, just think about how we, Asian girls feel about it, right? I admit it and my friends have it too – the short, stubborn straight lashes that’s just plain dull and not that attractive compared to longer, fuller lashes. However, I’m not complaining about what was given to me naturally and you shouldn’t as well even if you’re on the same spot as me. Especially that nowadays, there are plenty of ways – more than you can count, that could help you combat those lashes of yours and turn it into luscious curly lashes. No doubt, the answer that we would all come up with are the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes.

You have to be specific – you have to get that curler for the Asian-type of eyes (stubborn straight lashes), because if you don’t you may get half-baked results that may disappoint you. Since I know how you all feel as well, I’ll share some of the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes that have saved me from this type of dilemma before.

1. Eyelash Curler – Shiseido

I don’t know if you’ve tried the original version of this – but the re-designed version which recently gained the attention of the industry, will surely leave you with astounding results that would definitely make you thank this brand and its creators. It takes hold of your lashes down to the roots that are sticking on your eyelids – guaranteeing you that the entirety of your stubborn lashes would be curled and lifted to a more gorgeous-looking appearance you’d definitely want to have until the end of time. With this revamped, upgraded version of the Shiseido curler, just a single squeeze would be enough to give you the curls you want. You could say goodbye to the tedious task of using other regular curlers and say hello to an easy-to-get, luscious and mouth-watering results.

Out of all the curlers in the internet today, this one technically has the attention of all beauty enthusiasts, professionals and the whole industry for a long time now. Though the Shiseido earned quite a lot of attention recently, the rage that this classic curler retains until today is definitely on a whole new level. You may ask some avid, beauty enthusiasts you know who loves eyelash curler and she would definitely recommend this one to you. This product is definitely applauded for every good reasons. The stainless steel used here is of the softest, medical type white the head is angled in a way where you can easily place the root tip of your lashes on it. The safety aspects of this product is top-notch – with silicone pads on its curved head along with the hinge that enables you to apply only the right amount of pressure needed for the curl, you definitely would have a worry-free time getting that curl going on for your eyelashes.


Without a doubt, the upper two are the most renowned when looking for the best eyelash curler for Asian eyes or any other type of eyes out there. However, there’s a hidden gem somewhere I have gloriously found which will definitely lift up your hearts since you’ll have more choices at your disposal. Sonia Kashuk’s Curl-up Lash Curler holds some clear identical characteristics to the Shu Uemura Curler. Though it may not uphold to the standard of the Shu Uemura, it would still definitely give you that carefree time when applying it to your lashes. At the end, you’ll also surely find yourself satisfied since it can do the job perfectly as well. The best thing I definitely fell for this product was its grip and the tension or pressure you must apply to give your lashes that luscious curl you want. I just applied a tiny bit of pressure and voila! Goodbye to my Stubborn, short and straight lashes! It made it appear as if it was no problem at all due to the easy time it had to make it curl and lift.

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