Best Eyelash Curler Of 2017

Best Eyelash Curler

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Delux Eyelash Curler By Fuchshia Line


Eyelash Curler By Shu Uemura


Eyelash Curler By liveWIRE Beauty


Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metel Eyelash Curler


Shimarz Eyelash Curler


Best Eyelash Curlers

​When you’re searching for the right eyelash curler on the market today, it can be a difficult task due to hundreds out there. Having the perfect wide-look eyelash can be easy with the right tool but there’s just so many out there to pick!

Lucky for you, we gathered up the top five eyelash curlers on the market today with the special help of Each curler will have a small review and a link for you to click on to see if it’s the right one for you!


The deluxe eyelash curler by FUCHSIA line is one of the top curlers in the market today! It has a strong carbon steel material that is twice as durable than stainless steel. Much different than your average eyelash curler. It’s features are quite prominent due to it’s “INSTA-CURLER” with a precise control and yet a comfort pinch and pain-free, you’ll get those pretty eyelashes in seconds. It also comes with an instruction manual to help get you those gorgeous lashes and to help clean your curlers.


This particular curler is made from Shu Uemura. It has a special enhanced and upgraded features that will give you the ultimate precision for that perfect curl. It has a new upgraded silicone pad in a “mushroom” shape to give you protection and a “stay-put” edge for safety precautions. Due to it’s curved angle, it will suit for every and all eye shapes.


This special curler is made by liveWIRE Beauty. It has a professional grade curler that is designed to provide you a no pain, pinching and pulling! It requires no refills since most eyelash curlers requires you have to replace them. LiveWIRE Beauty is made with a hyper elastic silicon pad that will come back to life immediately after use. Another great thing about this curler is that it has a long lasting curl that will last all day. Now this is the only eye lash curler you need for the rest of your life!


This eyelash curler is made by tweezerman. It has a thick rounded silicone pads that form an intense curl without creasing your eyelashes. It also gives you a natural dramatic long-lasting curl every time you use it. A great thing about this curler is that it has an extra sturdy metal material and round pads that will provide a no pinch on your lashes. It also comes with three free nonstick silicone pads so this way you don’t have to refill on them in the future.


This curler is made by Shimarz. With its hot pink metallic chrome, eye-catching, attractive, light and sturdy frame made from high quality metal, it will ensure you with perfect lashes. It has been tried and tested with its extra curling rubber pad which the replacement is included. There will be no pinch and no pain every time you use it. The curler will safely grab your lashes and curl them in under 30 seconds. It’s 100% easily controllable and 100% easy comfort on your lashes. It has a tip for precision curling that fits all eye shapes. A bonus when purchasing this eyelash curler includes an e-book on how to grow longer and thicker eyelashes naturally.

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