Best Eyeliner For Blue Eyes Of 2019

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Best Eyeliner For Blue Eyes

Best Eyeliner For Blue Eyes

Eyeliners are often used by many women to help enhance their eye beauty. However, women with blue eyes are confused on what would be the best eyeliner for them.  One must have skill and knowledge to make blue eyes look appealing. There are some ways on how to improve your art of making your blue eyes lovable and sparkling.

Best Eyeliner For Blue Eyes: Helpful Tips To Accentuate Your Blue Eyes

  1. Use Purple Eyeliner

The use of purple eyeliner is best for blue eyes. Since it is a mixture of blue and red, it implicit meaning to the eyes especially when darker and deeper purple color is used. This will best complement to brown eyes shadow and black mascara.

  1. Black Eyeliner to water line

Putting some drama to the water line is amazing for blue eyes. This requires a little practice but the result is worth it. Pull the lower eyelid gently then carefully draw black liner to the water line. Gel liner works better.

  1. Cat liner style

By drawing a subtle winged effect on your eyelid, with thicker drawing of eyeliner, then you’ll definitely look stunning. Cat liner style is one of the popular styles for blue eyes. This will catch everybody’s attention, focusing the blue eyes as the center of beauty.

  1. 4. Highlighting

Blue eyes can be highlighted, too! With the gentle use of white eyeliner around your water line, your blue eyes will look dazzling! A small hint of white eye shadow is a best partner with white eyeliner. With this, people will definitely compliment on you.

  1. Glitter Gold Eyeliner

Gold eyeliner is a dramatic way to make blue eyes shine and shimmer. Emphasizing blue eyes can be done by drawing gold liner to the water line and eyelid. Add glitter to make it shine.

  1. Have Some Experiment

To best complement your taste, it is suggested that you make some experiment using different colors and kind of eyeliners. Through this, you will be able to see by yourself which best suit your eyes and over-all face.

There are also other tips that can help improve how your blue eyes will look with the makeup you apply. It is suggested to be simple and apply minimal look to maintain decent look. Here are some more suggestions:

  • Avoid blues and blacks
  • The use of liquid eyeliner is also suggested
  • Brown liner also complement blue eyes
  • Match the liners with best eye shadow colors like taupe, black, lilac, silver, pink, copper, etc.

Blue eyes are truly lovable and it can become more lovable and prettier when partnered with those eyeliners mentioned earlier. Wearing different eyeliners that complement your eyes can make you look more magnificent and not boring. Follow those helpful tips and never go wrong in using them. The wrong use of eyeliner, though color is followed, will still ruin your look. Make sure to be careful in applying it to your delicate blue eyes. You can also ask help or advice from experts in beauty and makeup to give you more details to make your eyes look amazing!

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