Best Foundation for Acne Of 2017

Best Foundation for Acne

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Best Foundation for Acne

It can be a big trouble for anyone who has acne to find the best foundation for her skin. It is hard to find a makeup that would not stock up on your facial pores. With a skin that has an acne condition you may find that some of the make ups available on the market will cause your skin to irritate. When your skin is irritated you will find it troublesome and may affect your confidence throughout the day. Our only goal is to get the best foundation for acne, but the question is how are we going to do that? How are we going to look for the solution? Where are we going to look for it?

Fortunately for people troubled with acne problems, some foundations that we could consider as the best foundation for acne have the capability to conceal acne, or even cure the acne symptoms.  A make up composed of minerals is among the best foundations for skins with cases of acne. Since foundations rich with minerals is just light as it sits above your skin rather than sinking into the pores resulting into clogging. Most foundations which are liquid-based cause pores to irritate and increase the case of acne symptoms, as this type of foundation are one of the causes of common to severe cases of acne problems.  Natural minerals type of powder could offer an amazing solution to the problem and at the same time could make you shine naturally. Most foundations with minerals usually offer intensive care solutions to skins of different types including acne prone skin types. It offers sun protection ranging from the least SPF to the highest quality. These types of foundation can be bought on your regular make up stores for an affordable price, yet amazing results.

The best foundation for acne should pass the following guidelines:

  • The foundation should be hypoallergenic to prevent further irritation of acne symptoms in the user’s skin.
  • Should be non-comedogenic.
  • Should not clog up your pores upon usage. If your foundation clogs up your pores, it could cause further implications such as black heads, white heads and even acne, so it’s better to stay away from those types of foundations.
  • Should give you a proper concealment effect on your skin pores without irritation or any other problems. If you are trying to control the spread and symptoms of acne while using a foundation to conceal large pores at the same time, you should be applying oil-free types of makeup.
  • May contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is proven good at fighting off acne problems and even for treatment purposes.

Check the list of foundations that passed our guidelines here:

If you are planning to get rid of your acne, you should apply natural types of make ups. The natural makeup contains nutrient rich minerals for your skin which could help you get rid of acne completely. Aside from using makeup which contains the aforementioned guidelines, you may also want to look up on natural solutions for acne, or even consult a dermatologist for proper assistance.

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