Best Gold Eyeshadow Of 2019

Best Gold Eyeshadow

Best Gold Eyeshadow

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Stila Magnificent Metallic Foil Finish Eye Shadow


Estee Lauder Gelee Powder Eyeshadow


Nars Etrusque Eyeshadow


What Is The Best Gold Eyeshadow?

As girls, we can’t deny that gold is a color that we definitely fancy. From accessories down to our makeup, gold is something that we would definitely want to wear as it creates such a big impact on our appearance. For our makeup, the eyeshadow is the best one that I believe will render the gold color in the most alluring way possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want a generous sprinkle of gold on their eyes, right? However, though gold maybe a tad more neutral than other vibrant colors, it’s still a bit tricky as you will definitely want the best gold eyeshadow shade possible that will make you look posh and chic rather than a statue for Oscar awards.

Although gold is a shade on its own term, many of them differ with their undertones or colors mixed into them. It’s definitely easy to stray on the wrong path and buy a shade that you would definitely regret at the end of the line. The trial-and-error stage may be the most obvious path in order to get the best gold eyeshadow, but I definitely suggest that you start with the best ones that already have a sturdy reputation from vast users. If you are wondering where to start then look no further as there will definitely be no better place other than this list of the best gold eyeshadows I’ve scoured over my years of being a makeup enthusiast.

  1. Stila Magnificent Metallic Foil Finish Eye Shadow

Nothing says luxurious-looking, chic and sophisticated other than a metallic shade. Combine it with gold and what you get is a luscious and mouth-watering golden eyeshadow to die for. This product will give you exactly that with two shades that falls on the ‘golden’ category – the Comex Gold and the Metallic Gilded Gold. The latter will render an orange gold sheen while the latter will expose a brilliant golden bronze luster you won’t get enough of. There are other shades of this brand, however, the rest won’t be gold. Whatever you pick among the two, you’ll surely be able to flaunt a gorgeous eye makeup that would definitely be the envy of every girls on the room.

  1. Estee Lauder Gelee Powder Eyeshadow

This magnificent and glorious eyeshadow is definitely a must have if you are free to splurge on the golden shadow you’re looking for. Gold will never get better than this as you’ll be able to revel on a long-wearing formula that won’t crease or fade and will still look grand and posh no matter how long you are on your venture. This formula is a unique one with a combination of liquid, powder and gel formula all in one mouth-watering makeup. The eyeshadow itself is ultra-smooth and you can seamlessly blend it on your eyes during application. With the sponge tip along with the eyeshadow, you’ll surely be able to get your hands on a gorgeous makeup result which you’ll want to wear over and over again.

  1. Nars Etrusque Eyeshadow

If you want to stand out with just your eyeshadow, then this Etrusque shadow from Nars will definitely do the trick for you in the most unbelievable way. This shimmering babe comes in a true golden yellow color of metallic nature which only means that once you wear it, you’ll definitely look grand and lavish. It’s even comparable to the Goldmine Eyeshadow from M.A.C, however, it is incomparably better in terms of depth and its gorgeous metallic finish. The texture on the other hand is the most exceptional texture you’ll be able to relish on as it’s extremely supple, smooth and buttery despite its incredibly rich pigment. Whether you’re going on a special date with your loved one, a grand reunion or even just for your daily agenda, this golden eyeshadow will definitely be your best friend.

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