5 Best Lip Primer Reviews: How A Simple Product Can Give You That Celebrity Look

Make-up is one of the world’s best inventions when it comes to making the best of your good features and hiding what you’re not happy with. Your eyes and your lips can be enhanced is an amazing way.

Whatever your favorite make-up item is, a foundation for your skin, shadow for your eyes or lipstick for your lips, you need to find just the right product to meet your needs.

Should you be a lover of make up for your lips we’ve found just the thing for you to add to your make-up kit. You’ve probably never thought of buying a lip primer that also plumps up your lips. If we’ve awoken your interest then read the lip primer reviews we’ve compiled of what we consider the 5 best lip primer products on the market.

Amongst them you’ll find products that will help moisturize your lips, a necessity if you suffer from chapped lips. You’ll also find some that will stay on for extremely long periods. This is a necessity for the busy woman. Our list includes well-known brands, but also lesser-known brands. Take a look to see what is suitable to your needs and wants.  Each product mentioned is unique and worthwhile considering.


Our Top 5 Best Lip Primer Picks

1. Mary Kay TimeWise Age-Fighting Lip Primer

The more mature woman will be extra conscious of purchasing products that will enhance her good looks. We can’t fight the signs of aging but we can certainly try to hide them. Mary Kay has developed a product that is ideal for the mature woman, not only to soften her lips, but also to plump them up. This TimeWise primer works like magic on those lip wrinkles and will soon make them look as luscious as they once were.

If you don’t want a product that makes your lips feel dry, but you love matte lipsticks this is ideal. It also makes it easier to apply lipstick if your lips are taut. Made with ingredients that moisturize your lips you will be able to slow down the aging process. What’s more, it will also help your lipstick to stay put much longer. It’s ideal for anyone whose lipstick disappears when eating or just doesn’t stay on long enough.


  • It smoothens and softens your lips
  • It stops your lips from chapping and bleeding
  • It helps keep your lips looking younger
  • It stops your lipstick from disappearing when you eat

  • The pigmentation is very strong
  • It could overpower your lipstick


2. Ogee Sculpted Lip Oil & Natural Lip Primer

If you’re looking for the best lip primer for chapped lips, then this product is probably the one. Should your lips dry out during the winter months then this offers the soothing effect that you need. And on top of this it also helps to make you look good. As well as offering a great base for your lipstick it even moisturizes your lips.

It’s produced with a blending of organic oils such as peppermint oil. The peppermint oil will make your lips feel good and give you a lovely fresh feeling. As it’s gluten free there’s no need to be concerned if you suffer from allergic reactions to many lipsticks. It is more expensive than any primer you can purchase at a drug store, but it’s still affordable. If it’s a natural product that you’re looking for then this primer belongs in your make-up bag. As the packaging is slim is easy to carry around with you at all times.


  • It leaves you with a lovely fresh feeling
  • It moisturizes your lips and also softens them
  • Its slim packaging fit everywhere
  • Its ingredients are all natural products

  • It doesn’t have a tremendous plumping effect
  • The peppermint smell is not for everyone


3. Nyx Lip Primer Deep Nude

Application is simply a dream due to its soft texture. It works as an excellent base under your lipstick so that your lipstick will last much longer. It will also keep you looking beautiful all day long. Its slim packaging makes it possible to take with you anywhere – either in your make-up bag or just stick it in your pocket.

Your lip color will look amazing throughout the day as it is long lasting. It offers complete coverage and goes on smoothly. It will give you confidence as the end result is so professional looking. If you want a product that gives you a smooth base and is also affordable then you’ve found it. For little money, it will moisturize your lips and provide a smooth base for your lipstick. And it will also last throughout the day.


  • Your lips will be moisturized
  • As the color is neutral it will suit everyone
  • It can be carried with you everywhere
  • It’s not too expensive

  • It won’t stop your lips from flaking
  • It won’t stop your lips from feathering


4. DHC Lip Cream

This is an absolute favorite product for the busy woman as it has a double purpose. It works as a primer but also conditions your lips at the same time. This is due to the fact that it is made with Vitamin E, olive oil and aloe – all natural ingredients. It’s a two-in-one product – lip balm and primer – excellent value for money.

Should you be worrying about your lips aging then this is just the protection you need to help prevent this from happening. This natural product will keep your lips smooth and soft. What’s more, it’s also affordable and something you can use for all occasions.


  • The ingredients and natural
  • The ingredients are anti-aging and moisturizing
  • It can be used as a primer and as a moisturizer
  • It’s good value for money

  • Other products may last longer
  • Possible allergic reaction is you suffer from certain allergies


5. AsWeChange Anti-Feathering Lip Base

The name gives a hint as to who this product is suitable for. The natural process of life is that we change as we get older. So, if your lips have become taut or have started aging you may have found that your lipstick feathers. By using this lip base you’ll see a great improvement. It works as a smooth base for your lipstick while also moisturizing your lips.

The swivel packaging is quite small so will fit in your purse or your pocket. It’s something you can keep with you at all times. It sells at such a good price that you won’t have to think twice about whether you can afford it. Although your lips will feel really smooth when you use it, they won’t have that sticky, greasy feel. You won’t have to worry about any smells as it’s fragrance free. Neither will you have to worry about the color being too strong. It could be just what you’ve been looking for.


  • No unpleasant smell
  • No sticky, greasy feeling to you lips
  • It plumps up your lips and softens them
  • It really is affordable

  • Creamy lipsticks don’t stick to it too well
  • Other options last longer


When To Wear Them

Should you like wearing full make-up every day then a primer should always be kept in your make-up bag.  For women who just wear light make-up on a daily basis you won’t need to keep a lipstick primer with you. But you probably need one for the special occasions when you want to look extra good.

Products for plumping your lips, such as lip primer are a must if you need your lipstick to last for longer period. Maybe you just want to look good at work all day but don’t have time to keep checking that your lipstick is okay. If you choose the best lipstick primer you’ll also be doing your lips a favor. For anyone with dry or chapped lips you need to look for a primer that contains moisturizer. Not only is it healthy for your lips, but it also gives an excellent base for your lipstick.


Features to Look For

Naturally, you’ll be looking for the perfect product to suit your needs. Maybe one of the above is just what you are looking for. Or perhaps your best friend has recommended her lip primer to you. Be careful here. Just because your best friend recommends a product doesn’t mean that this product will work for you. By all means consider purchasing it, but don’t do so before you ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have you suddenly noticed fine lines that you want to conceal? Of course, if you’re getting older, this is a natural process. But you don’t need to worry about it. You just need to look for a primer that will help fight the aging process. One that will give your lips a youthful appearance and keep them supple at the same time.
  • Do you suffer from dry, chapped lips? Most primers will hide the chapped look of your lips, but not all moisturize them. If you’re looking for something that will also moisturize your lips, check out that the product uses natural ingredients. Any products with aloe or organic oils will be perfect for giving your lips a soft feel. This is especially necessary if you like using matt lipsticks.
  • Do you have no time for reapplying makeup through the day? You need to look good. But you just don’t have the time to keep checking in the mirror that your lipstick is okay. However good your lipstick, it’s won’t last all day without a primer. By choosing the right one you’ll be confident that you look good without needing to look in the mirror every five minutes.
  • How much are you prepared to spend on the product? Some products cost considerably more than others. Maybe the cheaper one is just the right thing for you. But sometimes you need to spend more to get just what you want. It’s often worth spending more in the long run. But be sure to check out all the product reviews before you make a final decision.
  • Do you suffer from allergic reactions to some ingredients? Even some natural products could contain an ingredient that you have an intolerance to. Natural organic ingredients are great if your skin is sensitive and are ideal for everyone. So be sure to check out the ingredients used before making a final decision.

Before going on that make-up shopping spree think about what you need, what you like and what is suitable for your needs. Also consider how much you want to pay for it. Give yourself a treat and splash out on a new lip primer. You’ll be amazed at the confidence it gives you knowing that you look good throughout the day.

Maybe you always keep to the same brand of make-up but your friend suggests you try another that is natural based. If you trust the brand you use then trust the decision on which is best for you. You won’t need a product with moisturizer if your lips are not dry so your focus can be more on price. For chapped lips, you need to look for one that will help you solve this problem.

There’s no point in you buying the wrong product as it won’t give you the results that you need. And you’ll end up spending more in the long run.



Whatever your needs there’s a product out there just waiting for you to purchase. Why do you need the product? What do you expect it to do for you? Are you looking for something with a lot of color or for a more neutral color? What price range are you considering?

All of the above products have something to offer. Whichever you choose you’ll be certain of having found the ideal product to suit you. By checking them out before you go shopping you’ll realize that you’ve saved yourself a lot of time and you won’t be overwhelmed by the products offered in your favorite store.

So, enjoy your shopping spree without any hassle.

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