Best Lipstick Color For Me Of 2017

Best Lipstick Color For Me

Best Lipstick Color For Me

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Lancome Rouge in Love “Jolis Matin”


Illamasqua Lipstick in “Obey”


Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Color in “Sienna”


What Is The Best Lipstick Color For Me?

The amount of different kinds of lipsticks in the market is simply astonishing and if you take into account the various colors for each of them, you’ll arrive at the conclusion that the choices for your best buddy lippy is undeniably boundless. As a fellow gal, I know that you would also want nothing short of a spectacle when it comes to the lipstick you’re going to add to your beauty regime, but the thing is, it’s simply arduous. We all have different types of interests and our differences in appearance warrants as to pick a lip color that would match us perfectly. The best lipstick color for me is something that would accentuate and compliment your overall appearance, nourish and protect your lips, spell out what you feel or what your mood is, all while making sure that it’s long lasting and comfortable.

The best lipstick color for me may not exactly be what’s best for you, but I guarantee that it’s definitely worth a look at this list I’ve prepared that may just be the right lipstick colors that you’re looking for. What I love most about these best lipstick colors for me, is the fact that they have catered to various people of different appearances and have proven themselves to be completely flexible. With this lip colors in your purse, you surely wouldn’t have anything to worry about your looks.

1. Lancome Rouge in Love “Jolis Matin”

Go vibrant and fall in love with the deep, vivid colors that can easily be granted to you by this supreme lipstick from Lancome, Rouge in Love. This highly-pigmented, moisturizing lipstick is undoubtedly one of the best-looking lip colors today that will surely make you fall head-over-heels with it in an instant. They have lots of shades that will never fail to show off your mood and character, and the best ones you should definitely try is their Miss Coquelicot and Rouge Valentine. The Rouge valentine falls under a somewhat, purple color while this Miss Coquelicot which is undoubtedly my favorite inclines on a more ‘coral pink’ finish. This gorgeous makeup has been raved for its high-colored feature, all in a light-as-a-feather weight that can easily go over 6 hours without budging. It also has the astounding feature you can only get from a balm. It moisturizes lips without question and bring you a glossy, brilliant finish to-die-for. It can also easily nourish your lips all in its trendy, alluring shades you would want to have all for yourself.


  • Brings trendy, highly vibrant and vivid colors that will surely be a head-turner wherever you go.
  • Induces balm-like results with its highly glossy finish with moisturizing and nourishing effects.
  • Light as a feather and can easily last 6 hours.


  • Expensive.
  • 6 hours is not the most long-lasting effect today.

2. Illamasqua Lipstick in “Obey”

Have yourself a sensational, gorgeous lip color that will bring you intense colors you will want to wear every day. Getting your hands on this Illamasqua lipstick will undoubtedly be one of the greatest decisions you can ever make today which can easily allow your lips to shine wherever you are and garner the attention of all onlookers in your vicinity. The colors of this lipstick ranges from vibrant, glossy finishes up to alluring, vivid matte finishes that you’ll surely grow addicted to. Its highly pigmented formula will allow you to gain a full-coverage result with one swipe and will leave you with a flawless finish to-die-for. It will seamlessly blend over your lips for a perfect finish and allow you to experience a smooth and exceptional work-of-art you wouldn’t want to part with ever again. The go-to color I choose from this lip color is their ‘Sonnet’ shade that comes in a nude-like, matte finish that falls on the peachy side. It’s a perfect, all-day shade for every skin tone – whether you’re pale or dark.


  • Has intense colors that will allow you to revel on vivid and vibrant finishes to-die-for.
  • Has a long range of shades from glossy to matte finishes you can wear every day.
  • Highly pigmented and lasts all day in a cinch.


  • Expensive.
  • Some users claimed that the matte finishes are a bit drying than they’ve expected.

3. Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Color in “Sienna”

Be more daring and sexier-looking with this lip color from Laura Mercier that’s definitely at the peak when it comes to intense, vivid colors that will catch the attention of everyone, wherever you might be. This sienna shade is undeniably my favorite out of the bunch of vibrant colors it offers as it will surely bring you a more alluring finish that will make any man weak in their knees. This luxurious makeup is surely worth every penny you pay for it as it will bring you the pinnacle of color and texture that will feel comfortable and beautiful all throughout the day. It can easily reach 6 hours of budge-proof duration in a lightweight formula you’ll grow to love. It also nourishes lips through vitamin E and olive oil infused in its formula, bringing you a fuller, more youthful-looking finish in a single slide over your lips. It is also guaranteed to never flake, settle in fine lines, drag or even skip throughout the process of applying it.


  • Luxurious makeup that will go seamlessly as you glide it over your lips without skipping, dragging etc.
  • Highly vivid and intense colors can easily reach 6 hours without budging.
  • Lightweight formula and nourishing vitamin E and olive oil produces a comfortable experience with a youthful-looking and fuller finish for your lips.


  • Expensive.
  • 6 hours is not the longest-lasting effect in the industry today.

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