5 Best Nail Polish Remover: Non-Toxic Options That Protect Your Nails And Skin

No doubt you are one of those women who like to look as well groomed as possible. You won’t want to be seen looking your worst so you make sure that your make-up and clothes are just right for the occasion. And there are always occasions where you want to look a little more special than usual. So what do you do? You apply nail polish to perfect your outfit!

That’s all well and good: when your nails are freshly painted you will look special. But what happens when the nail polish starts to chip off? That’s when you’ll need to remove it. You certainly won’t want to spend a long time in doing this so you’ll need to buy a remover that can be depended on. But be sure to check out that it’s non-toxic.

Luckily, you can buy non toxic nail polish remover nowadays. There are a variety of products on the market. Some will boost nail growth while others offer a smooth look for your nails. There’s enough choice out there for you – or perhaps we should say: there’s too much choice!

But with so many to choose from each one offering something special, you’ll be asking yourself: ‘Where do I start looking? Which is the right one for me?’ Naturally, you won’t want to waste money by purchasing the wrong one. For that reason we’ve checked out some products and have come up with a list of what we consider to be the 5 best products. Check it out to see if there’s one there to suit you.


Our Top 5 Favorites

1. Nail Polish Remover-Natural and Plant Based-Non Acetone by Pure Vitality Beauty

Do you want a product that is safe to use. If so, try out the Pure Vitality remover. Not only is it acetone free; it contains no petroleum, ethyl lactate or acetate either. Although it’s eco friendly it promises to give more strength to your nails. One advantage is that it doesn’t give off any fumes. This is then an ideal product for any pregnant women with sensitivities.

It’s also important to know that being as this product is organic it’s not tested on animals. As one of the best nail polish removers, that is also safe, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not too expensive.

It removes nail polish efficiently but does take a little time to work. Your nails may have to be drenched in it, but you’ll be confident that you’re doing them no harm.


  • It’s a safe product
  • It will help protect your nails
  • It works efficiently
  • There is no fragrance
  • The price is right

  • You need patience when using it
  • There’s not much in it


2. Ella + Mila Soy Nail Polish Remover

You’ll definitely want a product you can trust and this option can be trusted. It’s been enriched with vitamins and contains lavender oil to give your nails that wonderful healthy look and feel. Being as it’s soy based you can guarantee you’ve bought a non acetone nail polish remover.

It doesn’t even have a strange fragrance to it that so many nail polish removers have.  It sounds too good to be true! It may not work as fast as other products, but the fact that it’s healthy and safe makes it worth considering. Of course, drug store options are cheaper but they don’t offer the same benefits. And to be honest by purchasing this product you won’t end up breaking the bank. You’ll really be able to depend on this and have the added bonus that you’ve bought a product that is cruelty free.


  • There is no strong smell
  • It’s completely safe
  • It will remove your nail polish efficiently
  • It will strengthen and nourish your nails
  • Your nails will feel really smooth

  • Your hands will feel a little oily
  • Doesn’t work immediately


3. Super Nail Pure Acetone Polish Remover

It’s important to buy the correct acrylic nail polish remover if you want to avoid chipping your fingernails and having unhealthy cuticles. Whatever kind of nail polish you use, this product will work really well at removing it. Whether you use normal nail polish or gel polish you’ll get the results you’re looking for with this product. That’s not something that all brands can brag about.

What’s more, it works immediately. Removing your nail polish couldn’t be easier! It’s also excellent value for money as there’s plenty of it in the bottle. You won’t have to worry about running out of it too fast. One point to mention is that it contains acetone; but let’s face it, acetone does work fast.

Should your nails be sensitive or delicate it’s best that you avoid this product. For anyone else it’s a product that will make your nails look good very fast.


  • This is a really powerful product
  • You’ll get fast results
  • There’s enough of it to last
  • You can us it on acrylic and gel polishes
  • Pricewise you won’t break the bank

  • Your cuticles will dry out
  • It contains chemicals


4. Cutex Advanced Nail Polish Remover

Are you looking for a product that is affordable, works fast and is great for your nails? For women with not much time this Cutex product is a great option as it works so fast. What’s more, it even strengthens your nails.

Made from botanical oils, it ensures that your nails will feel healthy and soft. Because of the oils it won’t make your nails feel dry even though it contains acetone. Most people dislike acetone because of this. It does have a rather strong smell so if you don’t like fragrances forget it! But for a fast acting product you can rely on this one is great. Also, there’s enough product in the bottle to last and it’s extremely affordable.

This Cutex remover is amongst the best on the market, but it may not be for you should you have sensitive nails. Anyone who has no problem using regular nail polish removers will find that it’s just right for them.


  • Works immediately
  • Removes many layers of nail polish with no problem
  • The ingredients nourish your nails
  • It’s not too expensive
  • There’s enough to last a while

  • The fragrance is too strong
  • It’s not suitable for anyone with nails that are sensitive


5. Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover-Strengthening

It’s often challenging for women to keep their nails looking good. Let’s face it every women wants healthy, strong nails but there are certain factors that may not make it possible.

So it’s a dream come true when you find a remover that promises you healthy, strong nails. For this reason the Sally Hansen product is everyone’s favorite. This is because it has gelatin to strengthen your nails and also to help make your cuticles soft. It’s ideal if your nails are thin as it contains wheat protein, vitamin E and bitrex.

You won’t have to worry about it not removing all the nail polish either. And it’s even at a price you can afford. It does have rather a strong smell, which could be a bit off-putting, but it delivers amazing results. However many layers of nail polish you wear you’ll be sure of managing to remove them with no hassle.


  • Removes many layers of polish easily
  • It’s quite cheap
  • It has ingredients for strengthening your nails
  • You’ll see results very fast
  • You won’t be left with dry nails

  • The fragrance is too strong
  • One of the ingredients is acetone


Features to Check Out

Each of the nail polish removers mentioned should be within your price range but all vary in the results they give. But you’ll definitely find one amongst them to suit your needs. Maybe you have no problem using products containing acetone, or you prefer something more organic. Whatever your choice, there’s something there to suit you. Your sister could prefer an organic product that’s not been tested on animals while you want something that will work fast regardless of the chemicals it contains. You need to decide for yourself exactly what suits you best.

To help you know what you really need we’ve listed some features worth considering before you make a decision.


Smell is an important feature to consider. If you’re pregnant or maybe suffer a lot of headaches then you’d be better off purchasing a product that is fragrance free. Many people choose nail polish remover without acetone for this reason. Others choose them simply because they don’t like fragranced products.

For anyone who doesn’t have a problem with the smell (some people actually like it!) then you can choose any of the products we’ve mentioned. A point to mention here is that even organic products could have a smell depending on what ingredients are used.

Time (Is it fast work fast?)

If you are someone who likes buying products free of chemicals then you’ll also choose a nail polisher remover without any. This means that doing your nails will take longer as you’ll practically need to soak them in the remover to get results. Saying that, there are some non-acetone products that don’t take to long. Should you not worry about how long it takes and also have a lot of patience then go for the natural based products. But if you’re often in a hurry when caring for your nails then you’ll want something that works fast. You probably won’t worry about using chemicals then either.


Finding the perfect product doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll be the perfect size. Check out the price-amount ratio before buying anything. You really won’t want to spend a lot of money only to find that it won’t last any length of time. The quality, size and ratio are important features to look at if you want something that lasts.


Just how important are ingredients to you when you purchase any beauty product? It’s an important factor for some, but not for others. But you really should know what you are putting onto your skin and whether or not it will affect you. Should you find that the best nail polish remover contains acetone, it won’t help if your nails and hands are dry or sensitive. Acetone or any other chemical will only dry them out more. Then it’s better for you to consider the organic products. You can be sure that they are healthy for your nails and safe to use. They’ll even strengthen your nails. Another point to consider is whether or not you are allergic to any of the used ingredients.

Nail Polish

If you use gel nail polish or any kind of acrylic nail polish you might find that some removers won’t take off all of the polish. So just how important is it to you that your remover will do what you want it to?

Normally gel and acrylic polish remove easier and quicker if you use a product containing acetone. But there is a possibility that you’ll find an acetone-free or chemical-free product that will do the job. Don’t go throwing away your money by purchasing the wrong product – check out the product description before making a decision.


First consider what is most important for you – does it matter what’s in the bottle or do you just want a product that’s fast-working and can remove even the toughest of nail polishes? Whichever you want, you’ll find the right one amongst the five we’ve listed above.

All the products are quality products that you can afford. For a safe product, free of chemicals and not tested on animals you should try out the Nail Polish Remover-Natural and Plant Based-Non Acetone by Pure Vitality Beauty.   Should you be looking for quick results, think about Cutex Advanced Nail Polish Remover. Nothing works quicker.

No matter which you choose, you’ll be sure that you’re hands and nails will always look good. First think about what works for you then choose the one that suits your needs.

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