Best Smudge Proof Mascara Of 2017

If you are looking for the best non smudge mascara options available today then you have come to the right place. We have a great list of products for you that will give you the fuller lashes you want. With these great brands, you will end up with the sexy lashes you are looking for

It is also important to invest in a mascara that doesn’t flake. Some cheaper products on the market will work reasonably well. But nothing is more frustrating than trying to remove some rogue black flakes from your eyelids. And all this without destroying your eye makeup. Keep reading to find out more details.

Best Smudge Proof Mascara

Best Smudge Proof Mascara

Do you know that there is a world of difference between waterproof mascaras and smudge proof ones? You can go right ahead and buy the best or the most high-end waterproof mascara available but if your eye area is naturally oily, sad to say, raccoon eyes are what you will end up with.

Waterproof mascaras are great to use when going for a swim or simply crying your eyes out, and even on lousy rainy days. They will keep your eyes looking great and are wonderful to use daily. Well, unless, your eye area is oily, then smudge-proof mascara is your best option.

What exactly can a smudge-proof mascara do? It has been found to be work great against oil and sweat. This will work great for people who have oily eye areas and living in high level humidity areas. It also creates less of a mess so even if you accidentally rub your eyes, there will be minimal amount of smudge to worry about.

Here are some of the best brands of smudge proof mascaras that will make you look great at work and at play:

ImageProductRatingBuy Now

Blinc Mascara


Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara


Bobbi Brown Mascara


Christian Dior Waterproof Mascara


L'oreal Paris Mascara


Smashbox Waterproof Mascara


1. Blinc Product Line


One of the best all-round that’s guaranteed to last even after workouts! Another great thing about it is doing away with oil based make-up removers to wash it off which is one of the tedious chores that you need to put up with when using it. All that is needed is gentle pressure and warm water and you’re done!

2. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume


There comes a time in every woman’s life when we accidentally rub our eyes and end up looking like a sad raccoon. Or maybe it is your first time to wear mascara and an old habit of rubbing eyes will be hard to get rid of in the first few months.

The good news about the Kevyn Aucoin product range is that it survives even a vigorous eye rubbing. Added benefits are lasting power over sweat and water. It is also easy to remove without using makeup removers. Gentle pressure and warm water are all you need to wash it away.

3. No Smudge by Bobbi Brown


This waterproof mascara is long-wearing and it lengthens and curls lashes without flaking, clumping and smudging. Even with multiple applications of mascara, your lashes look naturally fantastic, or dramatically smoky. All while making it waterproof which is the best part. It is also safe to use with contact lenses.

4. Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Waterproof 

Designed to last all day and shaped like a curling iron, this Diorshow is truly an iconic mascara that gives lashes a natural lift and volume. The brush is ideally shaped to make application a lot easier. The unique liquid formula helps to nourish your lashes, while staying where it is supposed to be.

5. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Miss Manga Waterproof

It first went on sale on the UK market and became an instant hit. Its arrival to the U.S. was highly anticipated as the Miss Manga Mascara is guaranteed to give beautiful, doll-like lashes effect to every user. It is waterproof and smudgeproof that gives oversized volume to the lashes making those features pop up dramatically.

6. Smashbox Full Exposure Waterproof 

Water and smudge resistant, this mascara is another one of the best-selling products of Smashbox. Look smashing the whole summer with its volumizing and lengthening effect. On those long summer days you’ll be able to get 10 hours and more out of one application.

When To Wear Brown Waterproof Mascara

There are a lot of people that stick with a classic black mascara. While black can be very flattering, you may get better results from brown waterproof mascara. Here are some ideas for when you should swap your black items out for something new.

When You’re Going For A Natural Look

If you want a natural, more subtle makeup look, a brown shade is an excellent choice. It can highlight your eyelashes without making you look like you are wearing a lot of makeup. When you use such a product, it’s easy to get a natural and flattering look.

If your natural eyelash color is closer to brown than black, then it is definitely going to be the best shade for you. Don’t shy away from your natural color! Use eye makeup that will highlight that color. The right product will make you look amazing.

When You’re Wearing Earth-Toned Eye Shadow

waterproof makeup setEye shadow comes in many different colors. If you’re using an eye shadow palette that consists of earth tones, like browns, beiges, and olive greens, you may find that a brown shade is the right thing to pair it with. You can wear natural, earthy colors all around your eyes.

You should definitely take your eye shadow into consideration when you are choosing your mascara. Don’t assume that black is the color that will look best with your shadow. In many cases, brown is going to be the best choice for your eyes. Try different shades and see which one works for you.

When You’re Going To Be Spending Time In The Sun

Are you going to be spending a lot of time outdoors in the sunshine? If you are, you’ll want to select a shade that looks great in the sunlight. Makeup often looks very different in natural light than it does under light bulbs.

If you are going to be spending all of your time in the sun, you are going to want to pick a shade that will compliment your overall look. Brown mascara definitely looks amazing in such settings.

When You’re Wearing Bohemian Clothing

smudge proofIf you’re going for a more bohemian look, you should try to put on makeup that will compliment clothing. Dramatic black lashes might not be the best thing to pair with your outfit. You might be happier with your finished look if you wear brown products instead.

Makeup isn’t something that is independent of the clothes that you wear. You should try to choose makeup that blends well with your clothing. If you are wearing a lot of earth tones or an outfit with a more 20s style, you should look into using one of these tones on your lashes.

When You Want To Highlight Brown Or Hazel Eyes

If you have brown or hazel eyes, brown mascara could be the most flattering color for you. The right shade of eye makeup can really bring out the color of your eyes and make them pop.

Of course, brown mascara can flatter other eye shades as well. It can pair beautifully with blue eyes, for example. However, it is an especially good fit for brown and hazel eyes.

As you can see, there are plenty of great opportunities to wear brown tones. If you normally wear black eye cosmetics, you should put away your tube and try wearing something new instead. It may wind up giving you the look that you’ve always wanted.

Best Non Smudge Mascara

At the moment, you will discover that various different types of cosmetic brands promoting different styles of makeup. One popular format is the lash lengthening bond, but the waterproof smudge proof mascara continues to be the preferable solution regardless of additional features.

This is due to different reasons considered by women of different ages. Of course, choosing the ideal eye makeup requires contemplation of different characteristics. And this section will provide information on the top advantages and why when it comes to mascara smudge proof is the best way to go.

Non-Smudge Mascara Is Waterproof

best clear mascara The first benefit to wearing non smudge products lies in the fact that this type is, in fact, waterproof. By being waterproof, the cosmetic item is consequentially unable to be removed using water alone.

Typical or traditional products can be easily removed using tap or drinking water alone. But the primary advantage of these is that it is far more difficult to remove without another form of make-up removing solution.

Many cosmetic brands will now advertise make-up removing solutions that can combat waterproof products and cleanse the area without having to rub and scrub too much. It is vital that you keep this in mind when purchasing one and make a choice suited to your own needs.

Allows You To Cry When You Want To

When you are watching a sad movie, watching a performance that causes you to cry, or are having to deal with troubling emotions, you will not be pleased with traditional products.

In these situations, a non-smudge or waterproof option is highly advantageous because it will not cause the tears to mix with the cosmetic and spill down your face.

Of course, as is mentioned above, waterproof or non-smudge mascara is commonly only effective when combating water-based solutions or minimal amounts of sodium.

Allows For Walking In The Rain

eye makeupDespite not being effective for huge amounts of tears, waterproof mascara is a highly effective non-smudge alternative in wet weather. Dependent on your current location, this can be an advantageous feature because it can easily start to run when the climate becomes humid.

This increased moisture will allow a person’s skin to moisten and cause the cosmetic to smear; thus, resulting in dark patches around the eyes. Rainwater can also cause this problem and can cause the mascara to run, similar to tears.

Improved non-smudge mascara has a formula that stops humidity to react with the mascara and cause dark patches. This can be highly beneficial for any individual who has to walk in the rain from one location to another.

Only One Application

One of the greatest benefits to using a product that doesn’t smudge is that there is only need for one application in the morning, or in the evening if you are going out. Women who live highly stressful and busy lives do not always have the time to “fix” their make-up during the day.

In this situation, it is beneficial to apply make-up that will last the full day without losing the appearance created in the morning. And without needing to be re-applied.

The best no smudge mascara product you can buy today is a product made by Blinc. It is available in several different tones so you can really work on getting the best results to suit your other cosmetics. The product has exceptionally good reviews from customers. And we are sure you will love the results you get.

Mascara That Doesn’t Flake

When it comes to makeup, there are so many products on the market that it can be difficult sometimes to choose the best ones for your needs. For instance, in the realm of mascara, the options available extend well beyond simply deciding which color is best suited to your makeup and outfit for the day.

Today, you can find products that fall within all kinds of categories, including ones that claim not to flake. However, you might be wondering if these non flaking products are really all that they are cracked up to be.

Different Activities

Best-For-Sensitive-EyesFirst of all, you need to look at your personal usage. Do you engage in a lot of activities that put additional stress on your makeup each day? For instance, if you engage in running, dancing or other activities that leave you hot and sweaty, it is likely that you have encountered running lines down your face at some point.

If your product is not water proof, then your sweat will start to dissolve the product. And that creates smears and runs that can be virtually impossible to get straightened up on your face. At least not without a complete redo of your makeup. However, that is not the only problem that comes with these types of standard mascaras.

Improved Products

That is the reason that all of the major manufacturers started to improve upon their formulas. One of the most popular changes was the advent of waterproof makeup.

These products do not have the same problems with running. However, if you have oily skin, you might still be subject to smears and runs. This is because your natural oils break down the product at a chemical level.

And that’s why you need to check your makeup throughout the day.

The Flaking Effect

Another one of the problems that many women in the modern world face in regards to their mascara is flaking. When it comes off your eyelashes in little lined clumps, you are experiencing flaky  effects.

This is not the same as the smearing problem. The problems with flaky products are related to it being dry and not properly adhering to the eyelashes throughout the day. There are many different reasons that this can happen. But, generally the composition of your makeup is the real problem.

You can however find options that have been designed to not flake. You might be worried about this effect and have experienced such problems in the past. But if you invest in a non flaking mascara it will take care of it.

Available With Most Brands

The makers of facial cosmetics have heard the complaints of consumers and worked on non flaking formulas. These are now many products available and you won’t struggle to find one. But the question still remains:

Is It Worth The Money For What You Get?

foundation for skin typeAre you bothered by the way your eye makeup looks? Are you tired of picking little flakes and flecks from the surface of your eyes where these little bits have fallen off throughout the day?

If so, then you are probably going to find the extra couple of bucks well worth it. After all, you are already paying a decent price for your makeup. Why not invest a bit more to have a product that you can truly like and be comfortable with?

Top Recommendation

The best non flaking mascara we have can recommend is made by Blinc. There is a more in-depth product description further up on this page. It costs more than average, but is well worth the results. And when you see the customer reviews you’ll be more than convinced that you are onto a winner.


Needless to say, brands may play a part in choosing mascara but there is a rule of thumb you have to remember: it will not matter whatever brand you opt out as long as it is the right kind of mascara for you!

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