Best White Eyeliner Of 2019

When it comes to making your eyes stand out more, white is the new black. With a subtle snowy effect, you can turn a tired look into a fresh and younger appearance. Because very few women actually use these products these days, you’ll be able to really stand out in the crowd.

You can look younger, fresher and a lot more alert. This is a great solution if you have a busy work week or a young baby who is keeping you awake at night. Or maybe you had a late night out and want to take away that tell-tale sign. Whatever your circumstances are, you will see some wonderfully unique and sexy results.

Unlike glitter eyeliner you will end up with natural looks that do not give a tacky looking effect. Glitter can be a nice touch, but should only be used sparingly.

Our Top 7 Recommendations

1. NYX Eye Pencil


NYX has fast become a respected cosmetics brand with some very attractive prices. This mechanical pencil is a great product. You simply twist the bottom of liner to mush out more of the pencil, so there is no sharpening involved. You will also waste a lot less by using this.

The product reviews are exceptionally good with hundreds of women complimenting the lasting power. This means you will not need to reapply as much during the day. As an added bonus, the product formula is designed to moisturize your skin at the same time.

To get the best deals use the price checker button above. At this price level, you will not get a better option.


2. Starry Waterproof Eyeliner Gel


Further down this page you can find out more about the benefits of using gel products. But the basic advantage is that they allow for much smoother and easier application to larger areas. If you want to highlight your eyelids and brow line then this is the best product you can get.

It comes with a brush and it is important that you keep this brush separate from all you other ones. The last thing you want to have happen is that some other colored products get mixed up with the white.

The waterproof formula makes this ideal for the hot summer days that are ahead or if you are heading on a vacation trip to a humid destination. If you click on the above price checker button you will also see all the positive reviews from other customers.


3. Etude House Tear Drop Liner


If you are looking for a mid-range product that is affordable and effective then this is the one for you. Etude House have an excellent cosmetic range and this liner will give you many compliments. It will not last as long as the waterproof one above but you will get a whole evening or night out.

It can be used just like any other liner and is particularly effective when applied to your top lid. When you apply it first you might think that it’s too glittery, but this does not last long. Once it properly dries you will find that it’s more of a sparkle.

Take a look at the current deals available with the above price check button. This will also show you customer feedback.


4. Rimmel London Soft Kohl


You probably have several Rimmel product in your makeup bag already. And this one will not end up unused at the bottom. It is a traditional pencil that will need sharpening from time to time. But the thick and soft tip will make it very easy to apply.

If you don’t want to spend excessive amounts of time applying cosmetics to your eyes you won’t go wrong with this product. Also, unlike mechanical pencils you will get a very reliable tip that does not tend to break easily.

The snow colored product is quite difficult to get in stores, but you can order online for fast home delivery. You’ll probably love this so much that you end up ordering in bulk to make sure you don’t run out. Use the price check button above to get the best deals today.


5. Jane Iredale Eye Pencil

jane iradale

This is another traditional style pencil, but at the higher price range. But that price is quite easily justified when you see the results. Applying this liner is extremely easy as the tip is soft enough. At the same time the pointed tip will allow you to be very precise on your waterline or lashes.

Take a look at the customer reviews at the above price check button. You will see how many of them comment on how long it lasts. You might spend a little more, but that will save you time reapplying. Your eyes will appear much bigger and they will become a much more noticeable feature of your face. Try it out for yourself, we’re sure you won’t regret it.


6. Wet ‘n’ Wild Kohl Kajal


This is another great option for occasional use. It is not the longest lasting but will work great for a night out with friends. Your eyes will look noticeably bigger and that will give you a much sexier appearance.

At this price level, you do just get a basic product, but it is not bad investment if you are not sure about the use of snow colored liner. Try it out first and see the results for yourself. Once you get used to applying it you can get that movie star look.


7. NYX Slim Pencil

nyx pencils

Finally, another one from the NYX product range. This one is not a mechanical one, but it is a great addition when you buy it with the number 1 item above. The mechanical one will give you a very precise line to use along you lashes and waterline.

This one is much softer and thicker. This will make it so much easier to apply below your brows and on your upper lids. You can really easily achieve professional looking results. And the compliments are sure to follow.


Best White Eyeliner Brands

eye makeupNowadays, few women use white liner makeup as part of their routine. When you enter a department store, you will see that women commonly prefer brown or black eyeliner. White eyeliners can make you look awful if you don’t know how to use it.

However, it can make small eyes appear much bigger. And this means that if you use them correctly, they can actually highlight your eyes. Some may describe your appearance as dramatic and certainly unique.

Many celebrities like Lady Gaga use white eyeliner on a regular basis. It can emphasize your eyes because of its light color. If you want to really stand out in a crowd of people then this the right product for you.

4 Tips For Using A White Eyeliner

Trace The Waterline

With an y of the above products you will want to trace your waterline. You do this by swiping the hue to the inside of your lower lashes. The effect can be dramatic and will make your eyes look bigger and more awake.

Just make sure you do this before you apply mascara. Otherwise you could end up with white flecks in your hair and that is not a great look to go for.

liquid eyelinerThis technique is ideal if you have been working long hours or had a late night out. Rather than having eyes that look tired and withdrawn you will brighten up the central features of your face.

Blend Into Inner Corners

Women with close set eyes can make a significant difference with a just little applied to the inner corners. First, apply a small amount. Then use a cosmetic sponge to blend the color into your natural tones. It is also important to blend it properly with your foundation. The result will be to create some distance.

Highlight Your Brow

Use the edge of the white eyebrow pencil and run it along the lower edge of your brow. Either use a sponge or blending brush to smudge the line. Sometimes you may need to repeat this to get the right effect. But the results are drastic. Your eyes will look naturally brighter and bigger, giving you that sexy look that stands out in a crowd.

Use It As A Base Eyeshadow

How often have you been disappointed with the results of your eyeshadow? Most women often find themselves in situations where multiple layers of primer and foundation hardly make any difference. The result is that your eyes simply don’t pop leaving you disappointed.

What you can do instead is spread some of the white eye pencil all over your eyelids. Then use your cosmetic bush or sponge to blend it in properly. This can take a little practice to get right but you will love the results. When you add a little powder shadow on top it will make your eyes look a lot brighter.

waterproof linerThings To Avoid

Avoid applying your white eyeliner to your lash line without adding black eyeliner afterwards. It will give you a ghost like appearance. Also, don’t use too much white eyeliner. The excess may gather at the corners of your eye and it will make you look dreadful.

White liner makeup is preferably used for people with close-set eyes. If you have a wide set of eyes, use the white eyeliner at the outer edge of your eyes. You can also use white eyeliners on your upper lash line and then blend it with brown mascara to make your eyes more attractive. Be sure to make your white eyeliner look subtle, the line shouldn’t be too obvious to everyone.

The Best White Eyeliner Brands To Choose From

  1. NYX Mechanical Eye Pencil, White
  2. Baby Eyes by Paula Dorf
  3. Starry Long Lasting Waterproof  Gel in Snow
  4. NYX Retractable
  5. Etude House Tear Drop Liner
  6. Dolce & Gabbana – Crayon Intense
  7. Palladio Herbal Eyeliner Pencil White
  8. Rimmel White Eyeliner pencil
  9. Giorgio Armani Smooth Silk Eye Pencil
  10. E. l. f. Essential Eye Widener 1712 White
  11. Wet ‘n’ Wild Eye Pencil
  12. Jane Iredale Pencil Crayon, White
  13. NYX Cosmetics Slide on Pencil, SL04 Pure White

Where To Buy White Eyeliner

You can go to your local cosmetic store, but be prepared to pay full price. This type of product is also not often stocked in different ranges. For the best prices and widest range of available products you should definitely consider Amazon. They stock practically every type and brand and you will be able to take advantage of free and next day delivery.

When To Use White Eyeliner

If you prefer, you can use white eyeliners with other colors such as black or brown. To make your eyes look dramatic, apply 2 coats of thick white eyeliner on your lash line. You can follow it up with 1 coat of black or brown eyeliner. You can look incredible with these combinations if done correctly.

You can also tint your eyes with just a hint of white eyeliner. Colors may vary if you dust it with white. It may serve as your base or primer for other colors so that you can change your looks every now and then. White eyeliners can hide the dark circles or blemishes under your eyes. This can be important especially to people who have red lines on their face even after they applied a concealer. It can be use in shaping your eyebrows. You can use it to highlight your brow bones.

Best White Eyeliner For Waterline Definition

makeup setTo brighten up your lower eye area, you cannot get a better solution. If you’ve a few late nights or just had a bad night sleep then this will make a huge difference. Usually these products come in the form of a pencil, and these can be really easy to use. But liquid and gel based products are available too.

White Liquid Eyeliner 

The advantage of using liquid eyeliner is that it gives you a much more precise application. Using your sponge or brush you will also be able to make it blend in so much easier. The liquid spreads really easy and does not clump in places.

When you use it accentuate your waterline or eyelashes this can help avoid the speckled look. And you are less likely to get small amounts caught up in your hair. With some of the products available on the list above you will be able to make extremely precise application.

Just give it try and see how wonderful the results will be.

White Gel Eyeliner 

The gel type products on the above list are really great options to make it easier to apply to larger areas. For your brow line and eye lid it is much easier to go for a gel that comes in a small container and you use a cosmetic brush to apply it.

The results in these facial areas are so much more even when you use a gel rather than a pencil or liquid applicator. Because of the even spread your eyes will look so much brighter and natural.

Waterproof White Eyeliner

Now that summer months are ahead you are facing into a difficult time for makeup. Sweating and humidity can cause all sorts of problems. The last thing you want to do is constantly look in the mirror. It is a distraction you don’t need.

How often have you been surprised by hot weather or forgotten to prepare for a vacation trip? But when you are going for a night out in summer, or heading to the beach in your swimwear you don’t have to sacrifice your eye cosmetics.

You can buy excellent white inner eyeliner that is also waterproof and will not result in smudging. Whether you plan on going swimming or not doesn’t really matter. With a water resistant product your makeup will stay where it’s supposed to.

The best thing you can do is buy one of our above recommended ones and try it before the hot and humid days arrive. This has two benefits.

Firstly, you will be used to applying it and you’ll know how to get the results you want. Secondly, you will know whether your eyes react to the product. Waterproof cosmetics are more likely to cause irritations, and you don’t want that to happen as a surprise.


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