Dior 5 Color Eyeshadow Review: Find Out How To Make Eye Makeup Work For You With Ease

With your eyes being a focus point of your face you really need to make the most of them. To give them your best you should consider using a designer eye shadow. You can buy eye shadow almost everywhere, even in your local supermarket, but is that the product that you’re really looking for. If it’s something eye-catching that you’re in search of and don’t have the time to spend hours trying out different products then you should consider the Dior 5-color All-in-One Artistry Palette.

Believe it or not, but eye shadow can change how you look completely. After a hard night when you wake up not exactly looking your best you’ll be amazed at how eye shadow can make you look and feel better. By using the right colors for your eyes and personality your eyes will become your best feature and give you confidence.

To give your eyes the best that money can buy you should consider buying this Dior product. Although its rather expensive, it’s excellent value for money when you think of the results you’ll have when using it.

Read our review of the Dior eye shadow which will hopefully convert you into a lover of Dior products. If it’s a miracle you want, then this is the eye-shadow palette that will work that miracle for you.


Product Specs


If you’re looking for unique colors then the Dior eyeshadow palette is just the thing as it offers 5 unique colors to choose from, depending on your personality and on your mood. What’s more, you can combine the colors to ensure a smoky look that’s really bold. The palette contains two brushes to perfect your application. One is for applying the shadow while the second one is for application of the gel-type liner that you can use either as eye shadow or as eyeliner. The choice is yours.

A base color is included in the palette, so is a dark color for using as eyeliner. You’ll also find a lid color, a highlighter and a crease color. A perfect combination of what you need for the best ever look.

For convenience while on the go the palette even has a mirror and can be clipped closed so there is no fear of spillages. The last thing you want to find is eye shadow messing up your purse when you’re out on that special date.


What To Expect

This Dior makeup kit contains 5 eye-shadow colors, but the best thing is that the dark colors can also be used as eyeliner. Application is easy due to the smoothness of the product and it even makes your eyelids feel soft.

A great advantage is that there are a variety of palettes so you can choose one that has exactly the right colors to suit your needs. What’s more it’s really long lasting so it’s suitable for long days at work and also for any special event you may have to attend.

If you normally use an eyeliner pencil, you may find that the gel liner is a bit annoying. You’ll need a little time to get used to using it because of the gel texture.  But that’s only if you want to use it.


What Benefits Can You Expect?

This product is one of the best amongst the top rated eyeshadow palettes the market offers. Just by checking out any Dior eyeshadow review you’ll find that women all over are praising this product. And rightly so, it’s of top quality and you can depend on it completely. That’s why it’s been continuously rated as a top option. It’s just what you’d expect from Dior.

If you still haven’t made up your mind about purchasing this Dior makeup kit then carry on reading. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits this product offers to help convince you that this really is the right one for you.

  • As a long-lasting product, it lasts even longer than most other products the market offers. Surprisingly, most people check out how long their eyeliner will last without considering that their eye-shadow needs to last just as long. They forget just how much difference eye shadow can make to their appearance. If you need to look good throughout the day at work or even need to look extra good for special occasions then you know you can rely on this Dior product. You can guarantee it lasting for hours on end.
  • It’s very rich in pigmentation. This is one of its main benefits. So, if you’re looking for colors that make your eyes stand out this is what you need. You can guarantee a bold color when you use a Dior shadow. There’s nothing worse than finding the right color eye shadow, but half way through the day there’s nothing of it left to see. This will never happen if you use a Dior product. Because of the rich color, it will be noticeable for as long as you need it to be.
  • No need for purchasing an eyeliner product to go with it unless you really want to. The eyeliner, which is the darkest color in the palette, is ideal if you’re light handed when applying it. Its specific texture makes the color stronger for a much better effect.
  • No problem to carry it around everywhere with you. It’s so compact that it’ll fit anywhere, in your purse or in your pocket. But despite its small size it will still give you exactly the color that you are aiming for. Many palettes are so large and bulky that you can only use them at home. That means that you have to buy a second product as they’re no good to take with you when you travel. That’s why so many women absolutely love this product – but it not only offers variety and is portable, but it’s also a ‘must have’ if you want to look your best at all times.
  • The texture is smooth which makes it easy to apply. This means that unlike many products where you have to use more than one application, you only need to apply this once. This is a definite advantage if you need something that you can apply when you are in a hurry.
  • It offers variety. Most of the smaller products only offer two colors but the Dior option offers a variety of colors to choose from. Depending what you need to use them for you can use the colors alone. Whichever color you choose you know that it’ll make your eyes stand out. But if you’re looking for a bolder look you can try using all the colors. No need just to keep to one, you can mix and match as need be without having to buy another eye-shadow that will just fill up your make-up bag unnecessarily.
  • The product is completely reliable. Many expensive products will break the bank, but not deliver what they offer. This product offers color and color is exactly what you’ll get. The rich colors apply thickly and will last the whole day. This is a make-up you can rely on whatever the occasion. It’s definitely excellent value for money and something you shouldn’t be without.


When Should It Be Used?

Although it’s expensive it really is good value for money. But probably due to its price you won’t want to use it every day. No problem, just keep it for those times when you really need to look a little more special. You can rely on it for those occasions when your eyes need to be accentuated for whatever reason.

Being as it is so long lasting it’s ideal for any special occasion. It’s particularly good for times when you really don’t have the chance to check out your make-up and reapply it if necessary. Bu if you normally wear full make-up when you go to work then you can rely on it to last throughout the day.

Naturally, it’s up to you when you wear your make-up. Society doesn’t have rules about when to use it. But you’ll soon find that feeling that good when you do use it makes you not want to leave the house without it.


Application Tips

This product is simple to apply, but if you’re looking for a perfect result just follow the following tips:

  • Your eyelids should be completely free of any kind of cream or lotion. It will be easier to apply then as an oily surface will only end up making your eye shadow look shiny.
  • For anyone using primer, this should be applied beforehand. If you use primer to reduce bags under your eyes or because your skin is sallow, then make sure it sets before you apply your eye shadow.
  • The light base color should be applied first. This has a slight shimmer and is hardly noticeable but it offers an ideal base for the colors you want to use.
  • Following this, apply your lid color. Your lid color should accentuate your eye color so you can just wear this color alone if you want to. This is because it’s a no-fuss, soft color, rich in pigmentation. But, if you want, it’s also possible to combine it with other colors for more effect.
  • A crease color is included for anyone who wants to enhance her eyes even more. This bold color that is rich in pigmentation should be applied to the outer creases for better results.
  • The highlighter can be used for a shimmer when you need a little something extra. It has a dual effect – you can use it alone if you just want a little glimmer or you can even apply it over your favorite color to enhance your look further.
  • Of course, we shouldn’t forget the eyeliner. Maybe it’s not something you want to use. But if you do want to enhance your look then use it together with your regular eyeliner. But you can forget it if your eyelids are oily. This is because of its texture, which is gel-like.

Although there are two brushes included in the package, it’s advisable to keep more brushes handy to apply the base color. That way you’ll be sure of getting even more out of the rich colors that Dior offers.


What Products Should It Be Used With?

You can use the Dior 5 color eyeshadow alone because it does also include eyeliner. But if you’re aiming for something really eye-catching you can try the following:

  • Eye primer
  • Eyebrow make-up
  • Eyeliner
  • Mascara

Dior offers many of these top quality products that you can combine your shadow with. Or maybe you already have a favorite product that you’re not ready to change. If that’s the case, just be sure that you use it together with other top quality products to ensure that you get the long lasting, beautiful result that you’re aiming for.


Is This The Right Product For You?

If you’re checking out top rated eye shadow pallets that are long lasting and offer the rich color that you’re searching for, this is the ideal product. Although it’s rather more expensive than most, it also offers more. You can guarantee that it will deliver what it offers, which makes it good value for money.

Should you not want to spend a lot on your eye shadow then this isn’t the product for you. Being good value for money doesn’t mean that everyone can afford it. So, check your budget before you splash out.

Do you wear eye shadow often and how thick do you wear it? If you’re a lover of eye shadow and won’t leave the house without wearing it you’ll absolutely love this Dior product. You won’t be disappointed in its rich color if you’re looking for something that is rich in pigmentation.

This product is just the thing for you no matter whether you regularly wear full make-up or if you only wear it for special occasions. If dependability is more important than price for you then you won’t go wrong in purchasing it. You’ll have color that is long lasting and eye catching. What more can you want for your money?

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