Fun And Easy DIY Tips To Organise Your Makeup

Organize Your MakeupNo matter what the size of your makeup collection is, keeping your stash organised is a must.  Not only is it pleasing to the eyes, it also allows you to keep track of every beauty product you have.  You will be able to avoid wasting money because nothing tugs the string of regret harder than a double purchase.

You do not have to break the bank to neatly store all your beauty products.  We are more than happy to share with you makeup storage ideas and other useful tips that will help you organise your collection using items lying around your house.

Avoid clutter and find everything you need in a jiffy by following these easy DIY organisation tips that we have for you.

  1. Assign a Makeup Nook. Make it a habit to put all your cosmetics and makeup accessories in one area.  This area should be cool, dry and far from direct sunlight.
  2. Divide and Conquer. Put dividers in your makeup drawer so you could easily group together your beauty products.Start by getting the exact measurements of your drawer (width, depth and height).  Then cut 2 pieces of cardboard, 1 for height and 1 for width.  Now, cut a line halfway through the middle of each piece.Insert one piece onto another and you’re done. Turn plain cardboards, illustration boards or foam boards into colorful dividers by wrapping them in dainty gift wrappers, old newsprints or art paper.
  3. Frame Your Collection. Make your own palette board for your eyeshadows and powder blush by using a thin metal sheet. Cover it with a thin cloth, frame it and hang it on the wall.Just glue button size magnets on the back of your makeup and you’re good to stick it on. You can also use Velcro dots instead of magnets and use standard picture frames board instead of metal sheet.
  4. Reuse and Recycle. This is our favorite DIY organisation tip because you get to rid of clutter and do mother earth a favor.Don’t throw your old Shoe boxes, colored plastic bottles, coffee jars, acrylic chocolate/candy boxes and ceramic mugs because they can be used as makeup organisers.

    Just have fun and let your creative juices flow when you start decorating recycled items to store your makeup.

  5. Hang Them Where You Can See Them. If you do not have a lot of space on your dresser, use an inexpensive shoe, jewelry or makeup organizer to store your beauty products and hang it on the door or closet.Fill up the pockets with your beauty essentials so you do not have to search every nook and cranny of your room whenever you need them.
  6. Mason Jars. The best way to clean up the mess on your dresser is to creatively store your beauty products on your wall.Use mason jars to store your makeup brushes, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner, lip gloss, liquid foundation, sponges and moisturizer.

    Add coffee beans, colored stones or buttons into the jar before you put your brushes in it. Place them on hanging shelves near your dresser.

  7. Lipstick Buffet. Here’s a cool tip! Make your own lipstick box using colored/plain Popsicle sticks and glue. Place 10 to 11 sticks on the table and glue two sticks across the ends on both sides to hold them together.Layer the sticks on all sides until you reach your desired height.  You can paint your box or add embellishments like colored buttons, rhinestones or stickers.
  8. Pop Makeup from Ice Cube Trays. Another fun way and “cool” tip to organise your cosmetics is to use ice cube trays to store your eyeshadows, eyeliner and eyebrow powder.Truly one of the best makeup organiser hacks ever invented.
  9. Racks for Your Palettes. Turn your CD, dish or letter rack into cool DIY makeup storage.Palettes take up too much space in the drawer and it would be better to place them all in a rack where they could be neatly tucked in.

    You will also avoid leaving them untouched until they expire if your palettes are always within view.

  10. Acrylic Egg Holders. Organise your makeup sponges in cute acrylic egg holders. Since you need to replace your sponge every month, storing them in a tray that holds a dozen will help you keep track of your annual usage better. Place your tray on your makeup counter or makeup shelves.

Makeup is truly irresistible so before you know it, your collection has mushroomed already. Many women are guilty of hoarding just because! Sadly, makeup doesn’t last forever, so you will have to part ways at a certain point in time.

Now here’s a valuable health tip: Spare your skin from harmful irritation and eyes from infection by tossing out products that are not safe to use anymore.

Before you start assembling your makeup organisers, sort your collection first and find out what to keep and toss. Beauty essentials do not come with expiration date so it is up to you to keep track of your makeup’s shelf life.

Make sure to label each product with your date of purchase so you can be reminded of how long you can still use it.

Here is a quick guide on cosmetics’ life span and more great tips to get the most out of them:

  • Lipstick and lip liner are good to go after 12 months, so it is best to choose hues that you can use frequently. If you are not sure when you purchased one, it’s time to throw it if the surface has hardened or bullet has small beads on it.  Also, ditch the product when it emits a weird scent.
  • Lip gloss is safe to hold onto for at least 6 months.
  • Mascara and liquid/gel eyeliner have the shortest lifespan. Whenever you put back the wand in the container, bacteria comes along with it.  Replace every 3-4 months.
  • Eye pencils need to be replaced after a year.
  • Powders such as blush, bronzer and eyeshadows have longer life span since they do not contain oils and water. They can last up to two years if stored properly. When the color changes and powder starts to cake up, throw it already because it is an indication of bacteria build up.
  • Cream eye shadow, blushes and compact foundation can go as far as 12-18 months.
  • Liquid foundation and concealer should be replaced after 12 months. If you missed labeling your product, check the consistency.  If it is watery and starts to separate, toss it in the trash.  Remember that using foundation and concealer that outlived its shelf life will cause skin breakouts. Avoid hoarding foundation and buy only what you need so it won’t go to waste.
  • Makeup sponges need to be replaced every month even if you wash it every use.
  • Makeup brushes can last up to 5 years if you clean them properly and regularly. Once a week cleaning will allow your brushes to meet their life expectancy.


4 Tips To Extend Your Makeup’s Shelf Life

Most makeup is made of chemicals and synthetic ingredients. The quality can be affected if these are not stored properly. Contaminated makeup can cause rashes or breakouts.

Here are 4 tips on how to extend the shelf life of your makeup.

  1. Screw back the lid of your makeup tightly.
  2. Avoid exposing products to extreme temperatures to avoid reformulation
  3. Use specially formulated cleaner for your brushes. Water can cause the strands to fall apart. Dry brushes standing up.  Leaving them on towels to dry will cause mildew build up.
  4. Clean your makeup organizers regularly so your makeup won’t get contaminated.



Collecting makeup is a fun activity for every woman but it can be quite expensive too! Take good care of your cosmetics collection by buying only what you need and keeping them organized.

All it takes is a bit of creativity to come up with fun and easy DIY ways to organise your makeup. As someone who regularly turns natural beauty into a work of art, creativity is not a problem for women who use makeup.

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