Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes: Apply The Perfect Look

Best Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes: Apply The Perfect Look


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Do you have brown eyes and want them to be noticed? Here are a few ways that would help you make them bold, bright and way more noticeable than you ever thought. To start with, get all your makeup together. Get good quality brushes and the products that you will be applying on your face. I am sure you would never want any kind of unnecessary skin rashes.

Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes Tutorial

The first step is using the white liner not on the inside of the lower part but all over the lid. Apply it in such a way that it pulls attention towards the brow bone. The second step involves a darker shade, be it a shadow or a liner. Use it on the upper lash line but don’t do it too thick.

The best shade that would cover the eye, i.e., the lid could be the bronze one. This would accentuate the soft eyes as brown eyes are usually very soft, pretty and soothing. You could then use a gold shadow so as to line the crease.

Use the chocolaty brown to dab the corner of your eye where the crease reaches the edge. Use a nice and fluffy brush to blend all the colors but don’t let the colors get mixed up. Just spread out the colors. See that there are no lines or patches. Then, you can end the whole procedure with the use of the mascara that would not lengthen it but also increase the volume of the lashes.

End it off finally with some finishing touches. However, there are some other methods too. You can use primer all over your eyes as this will help to hold the shadow for long. Initially, apply a base coat of color. Some colors that go great with brown iris are: purple, deep green, pink, deep blue, maroon, light brown, etc. You can choose any. Apply this on the lid up till the crease line. The crease color can be brown. It works pretty well. Start from the end and slowly push in.

Blend the two colors. Use the brush in a slanting manner. You can also use a highlight color to give a complete look. It should be lighter than your skin color. Apply on the brow bone and also the corner of the eye, according to your preference. The liner in this case is optional. Slightly thick, you can even apply black color at the bottom. Other colors like beige, purple, etc. can make them sparkle and that is exactly what you want.

Ultimately, to end it, use the mascara from the left to right and vice versa. This would give the lashes some volume. Two coats are fine and not more than that. Using the mascara at the bottom is also optional.

Therefore, the above steps and tips will surely be of great help for applying eye makeup for brown eyes.

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