Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes: Make Them Shine Perfectly

eye makeup tips for blue eyes and blonde hair

Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Eye Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes

Having blue eyes is special. It’s a rare thing to see and if you’re one of the very few who have been gifted with blue eyes, consider yourself blessed. There are many eye makeup tips for blue eyes out there and it can be a huge hassle to find the right article!

Blue eyes are dazzling and beautifully alluring that there’s no one that can’t admire such beauty. When applying makeup, you should be wary of your eye color and how it blends with your makeup. It’s a common challenge for some people to deal with the compatibility of their eye color to their makeup, but there are a number of ways to go around it.

Here are just a few eye makeup tips for blue eyes on how to make them even more dazzling. With just a few simple steps you can make a huge difference.

The Magic of Eye Shadow

Remember, your eyes are the focus here. Choosing the right color of eye shadow is important if you want to emphasize your blue eyes better. Choosing colors like rose, brown or neutral shades are good choices. But the killer color is purple. Purple brings out what’s best in your beautiful eyes.

Different shades of purple each act with their unique purpose. During daytime, it’s better to use lavender as it does well in sunlight. In the evenings, plum works best since it shines together with your blue eyes.

Go Easy on the Lips

It’s a given that most girls would want peachy and plump lips that look soft and kissable. However, when you have those dazzling, deep blue eyes of yours, there’s no need to worry about that at all.

You have to focus more on your assets and highlight them. You should emphasize your eyes more instead of your lips. Choose a lipstick with a lesser tone or shade like pale pink. Using a lipstick that’s too dark or too bright will divert the attention of onlookers away from your eyes.

Eye Accents

Putting something that adds more attention to your eyes is a plus if you have blue eyes. People will look in your eyes for a different reason but they’ll get a pleasant surprise once they gaze upon those pair of sapphires that you have. Applying eyeliners with wings or cat eyes look great for blue eyes. It’s chic and sassy, putting attention on your eyes. Wings look great just about in any shade since the main focus here is capturing the attention of onlookers and then diverting them towards your blue eyes.

A subtle application is good but for those special occasions, you can wear a thicker application, adding more to that attention-grabbing effect.

Don’t Cover Them Up

A pair of big blue eyes looks just like a pair of jewels that keep their shine constant. Almost any hairstyle can suit you if you have blue eyes. But in that matter, it’s important to remember to not cover up your eyes with your hair. It’s a gift, and some will even call it an “asset”.

Even if you have a great hair, you shouldn’t rely on that since the look of your hair changes throughout the day – it’s pointless if you cover them up. If you have long hair, tie it neatly or brush it to the side. This allows your eyes to be the center of attention while your great hair adds to the detail.

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