Put On A Happy Face! Look Flawless This Summer With Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur

Benefit recently launched Hello Happy Soft Blur which is a light to medium coverage foundation that leaves a smooth matte finish and provides SPF 15 sun shield.  This lightweight foundation is formulated to blur out imperfections with “soft-focus optical blurring spheres”.

We couldn’t wait to get our hands on Hello Happy Soft Blur so we could find out for ourselves if it really is worth the hype. Read on to find out our honest review on Benefit Hello Happy.

103 women who used Benefit Hello Happy were surveyed after 1 week. According to the survey, 95% to 99% of the women fell in love with this blur foundation because….

  • It feels close to nothing
  • It feels breathable
  • It really blurs flaws and blemishes
  • It gives the most natural-looking coverage

Benefit Hello Happy is sold in 30ml or 1.0 US fl. oz. square bottle that comes with a needle- nose applicator. Retailers sell Hello Happy for $29.00 per bottle.

Which skin types will benefit from Benefit Hello Happy? It is recommended for those who have dry and oily skin, or a combination of both conditions.

Just like all makeup and cosmetic products, please take the time to review Hello Happy’s ingredients. The company has fully disclosed the ingredients on the label and on its website.

How to Use Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation:

Hello Happy Soft Blur is fast and easy to use. Start with a clean face and prime it with Benefit POREfessional. Shake the Hello Happy Soft Blur foundation bottle and then squeeze a tiny drop on your fingertip.

Apply on your face using your fingertips, sponge or beauty blender. Build and layer until you get the coverage you desire.  Next blend from the center of your face then outward for an even finish.

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation Review

This lightweight foundation couldn’t have arrived at a better time.  It fits summer to a tee but we are just so enamored by it that we’ll use this blur foundation all through the four seasons.  It’s the perfect go- to foundation for 2019 barely there makeup look

Out of the 12 shades, we were fortunate enough to find matches for our skin tone.  What amazed us is how it sort of disappeared into our skin when we applied the foundation on our face.

You know it’s there yet it felt like we had nothing on our face.  Benefit stays true to its claim because Hello Happy is really close to being weightless.

The coverage is excellent! Spots, tiny lines and redness were blurred into oblivion. The matte finish is not flat and lifeless. Our skin appeared smooth and flawless.

If you are a fan of the no makeup look, this is right up your alley.  However, if you are after full coverage this will fall short of expectation.

If there’s anything that needs improvement, it’s the SPF level.  We wish it was higher (30-40 range) considering it was launched during summer season. Other than that, we are very satisfied with our reflection on the mirror.

Hello Happy face indeed! We ended up looking ultra-happy with the results and we bet you will too, after using Benefit soft blur foundation.

All in all, we give Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur foundation

How to Choose the Best Foundation for Your Skin

There are different types of foundation and figuring out what’s best for you can be confusing.

You need to go over different shades, finish and texture so the selection process is not as simple as makeup newbies expect.  We are here to help you discover your true match so you won’t end up purchasing the wrong kind and feeling disappointed.

Here’s a quick guide:

  • How to Test the Product. Test the product on your neck and not on your face or on the back of your hand. The skin color on your neck is more even so it’s the perfect spot to test foundation. Choose the shade that looks the most natural on you.

    Go for the one that’s a slightly lighter than your skin color because foundation oxidizes once you wear it and shade will turn slightly darker once it blends with your skin and gets exposed to sun/air. It’s always best to do your foundation test in natural lighting.

  • Select Your Foundation Finish. If you have oily or combination skin, go for oil-free and long wear matte, liquid to powder or cream-to-powder finish. Dewy or luminous finish will only make your skin look oilier.

    For people with oily skin, it is important to choose foundation that lasts long so you do not have to touch up your T-zones midday.

    If you have normal or dry skin, go for cream, dewy or luminous finish. Satin finish is better for more mature skin. Matte finish will only emphasize wrinkles.

  • Take Note of Your Skin’s Undertones. If you have pink undertones, look for ecru, beige or cream.  Get ivory, buff or tan if you have gold undertones.  If you want to play it safe, choose a neutral or warm shade.

    Remember to stay away from foundation that appears pink because it will certainly clash with any type of skin undertone.

  • Figure Out What Kind of Coverage You Want. Foundation offers different types of coverage. With light to medium coverage, you will still get a glimpse of your natural skin. Use this if you’re blessed with good skin.

    Most foundation are buildable so it’s pretty safe to start out with this kind of coverage as you can layer it till you’re satisfied.  If you want a foundation that you can wear from day to night or have blemishes and acne to cover up then go for full coverage foundation.


How to Apply Different Types of Foundation

Foundation comes in different forms. Always choose the type that you can apply with ease.  If you struggle with blending and spreading, your foundation will come out uneven. Remember to always prep your skin prior to makeup application.

  • Liquid This is the most popular type of foundation.  You can choose from a wide range of finishes – light to medium coverage and matte or dewy finish.

    Start by pumping out foundation on the back of your hand.  Dip the foundation brush (full coverage) or buffing brush (light to medium coverage) on to your hand then apply on your face.

    If you will use sponge, oval brush or beauty blender, you should first dot liquid foundation on your face before blending. Always start from the center of your face then outwards.

  • Cream Foundation. If you want maximum coverage, go with cream foundation. It comes out well in photographs. This is best for dry skin because the oil component may be too heavy on oily or

    Use sponge, oval brush and beauty blender to apply the cream foundation on your face.

    You can also use a brush to blend the product in circular or stippling motion. Start at the center of your face then gradually move to your cheeks, forehead and chin.

  • Stick Foundation. This type of foundation is great for travelers and people who are always on the go. Just swipe the stick across your forehead, the nose bridge, under your eyes, cheeks and chin.

    Then blend using your ring finger, sponge or oval brush. This provided medium to full coverage.

  • Whipped or Mousse Foundation. This foundation type has an airy quality to it but it’s thicker than liquid and lighter than cream foundation.

    Whipped or mousse foundation is best for combination skin. Dot the foundation on your face’s center line starting on the forehead down to your chin. Use damp sponge or beauty blender to blend the makeup outward from the center line.

  • Compact Powder Foundation. Do you have excessively oily skin? This is the foundation type for you! It provides medium to full coverage. You can use a kabuki brush or loose powder brush to evenly apply the product on your face. Lightly sweep the product on your face and then gently buff to set it.

  • Mineral Powder Foundation. One of the easiest foundations to apply. Mineral powder foundation provides light to medium coverage and good for normal to oily skin.

    This foundation type is specially formulated with pure minerals so if you have sensitive or acne prone skin, we recommend that you use this.  Use a kabuki brush to apply mineral powder on your face.

  • Spray Foundation. This is a unique type of foundation in that it delivers a light mist on your face that’s formulated to copy the airbrush effect. It’s a little scary to apply on your own because you can end up with uneven patches on your face.

    Instead of applying it directly on your face, spray the foundation onto a sponge or brush then blend from the center of your face outwards.


Foundation is one of the essentials in your makeup kit. If you want the best one for summer, look no further than Benefit Happy Hello Soft Blur. It will give you the look and feel of having no makeup and looking au naturel!

Like we suggested, make sure you find one that fits your skin tone. Follow our tips to know for sure that you have the right variety of Hello Happy for your face.

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