How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow For Beginners

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Tips on How to Apply Cream Eye Shadow for Beginners

They say using cream-based eye makeup takes a professional to use and blend properly. There’s a risk to using this kind of makeup and every beginner has the tendency to overdo it. But being a novice doesn’t mean you can’t be taught. There are some amazing tips that can turn you into a professional in no time.

First, here’s the rule: Using cream eye shadows is a lot trickier than the pancake palettes. That’s because palettes come in powder form and with the right brush, blending it on the eyes is easy. This isn’t the case with cream eye shadows. You need the right tools to begin with: the brush – a concealer brush or the tip of your finger; and some basic neutral color cream eye shadows – one dark and other is a brighter base. Here’s how you apply the cream eyeliner makeup properly:

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow With Fingers

  • The Finger Technique – Using the tip of your pointer finger, pick up a little color on the palette and dab it slowly onto your eyes. Apply the color on the middle of the eyelid and just dab. Tap the color until both eyes look even. It’s important that you don’t dip your finger into the palette hard so that you won’t have an excess on your finger that you can’t use. Doing that would cause uneven colors so it’s important to take it slow. Follow this through with a small blush and just blend it together. This will be your base color.

How To Apply Cream Eyeshadow With A Brush

  • The Blending Brush Technique – This is used on the contour of your eyelid just right above the center of the eye. Take your blending brush and dip it into the palette to take a little of the color. Use a darker shade from the one you used on the base. And then swipe the brush over the contour of the eyelid. Make sure you go from corner to corner and then blend it well with the base coat. Lastly, run your finger through to pick up any excess that doesn’t need to be there. Then, repeat the process to the other eye.

Applying cream eye shadow takes very little time when you’re used to it but since you’re still learning, take your time and do it slow. There’s no point to rushing because you’d risk doing it all over again when it’s not even. You’ll find that cream-based eye makeups aren’t messy and there’s no mess of powder on your clothes afterward. It could be the best thing to eye makeup so learn it by heart.



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