How To Apply Eyeshadow: The Proper Way To Do It

How To Apply Eyeshadow: The Proper Way To Do It


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You don’t need to be a profound expert in learning how to make your eyes beautiful and alluring by using just the right amount of eye shadow. Applying the right shade of eye shadow may sound like a difficult thing to do but it isn’t that hard actually. It will take just a few times of practice for you to perfect the application of eye shadow on your eyelids along with a decent supply of makeup.

Here are just some of the ways on how to apply eyeshadow with ease and simplicity that you can pick up in a matter of minutes.

  • Apply the base of the eye shadow by using either your finger or a soft shadow brush. If you plan on using your fingers, make sure your nails aren’t long as they may cause potential injury or ruin the surface of your eye shadow. Applying an eye shadow base allows you to provide a canvass for the rest of your makeup and prevent creasing of your skin as well. Be sure to neatly apply the eye shadow base as a messy base will have a huge impact on how the rest of your makeup will look.
  • Next, it’s time to pick the different shades of eye shadows that you’re going to be using. The technique here is to pick up shades for three groups – the first one is for your brow bone, next is for your eyelids and the last one will serve as the liner. A good thing to remember is that these shades should all be in the same family of colors or have similar shade colors. Choosing colors that are too contrasting is easily discernible and can have dramatic effects that aren’t pleasing to look at.
  • The application of the eye shadow will be the one to follow. As you divide each application into three groups, you’ll find it as an orderly and systematic way that can bring great results in your eye shadow.
  • Initially, apply the lightest shade under your eyebrows up to the crease by using a flat-tipped brush. This ensures even application with careful technique as other brushes can’t apply eye shadows more intricately than a flat-tipped one.
  • After applying the lightest shade, it’s time to apply the medium shade next. Use a fluffy eye shadow brush in a sweeping motion coming from your lash line to the crease while also blending with the first color. This is the part where you’ll see how important it is to choose eye shadows of similar shades as two differing eye shadow colors may clash and result in a mess.
  • The darkest shade is then applied after the medium shade. With the use of a thin liner brush, you can add the darkest eye shadow on top of your lash line. This provides a beautiful effect as the colors start changing hues from lightest to darkest without creating a mess out of the rest of your makeup.
  • Lastly, it’s time to finish things up by finalizing the blending of your eye shadows. By using a big blush brush, lightly sweep back and forth over your eye shadow and allow the colors to blend. This will maximize the effects of the shades and bring out the best in your eyes.

Learning from these tips is your first step in bringing out your true beauty. If you have any tips on how to apply eyeshadow, then please comment below for others to know!

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