How To Thin Nail Polish

how to thin nail polish in the bottle

How To Thin Nail Polish

How To Thin Nail Polish

If you don’t have time to go to parlor or want to experiment and explore different designs for your nails, you can actually do the polishing in your toenails and fingernails by yourself at home. You tend to buy and collect few nail polishes of different colors and store them for future use. However, you’ll be disappointed when one day you find out that the polishes becomes thick and clumpy. There are even bubbles formed when you applied them to your nails! You have to do something to save the life of your nail polishes, especially if they’re your favorites. Experts have suggested ways on how to thin nail polish but with this article, we’ll show you the best ways to do it correctly. These are easy steps that can just be done at home. Just carefully follow them to achieve the expected results.

How To Thin Nail Polish: Tutorial

  1. Reverse the bottle. By turning the polish bottle into an upside down manner, you will be blending back together the pigments that have settled and distribute the color all over it. Do this for 2 to 5 minutes.
  2. Roll between your palms. Before you do manicure, roll the polish bottle gently between your palms. This will give warmth to the polish to make it thinner and easy to spread and consistent into your nails.
  3. Do a test. In order to check the stickiness of the nail polish, do a test whether the tips one and two is working by applying it into one of your fingernails. If the coat is still clumpy and bubbles are formed, you need to try another remedy to thin the polish.
  4. Try to add few drops of nail polish thinner. Nail polish thinner is effective in thinning polish. This can be added to the polish bottle. Few drops are enough to revive the polish formula back to its initial stickiness. Shake the bottle gently until the pigments are evenly distributed. Polish thinners are available at any drug stores or beauty boutiques.
  5. Always clean the neck of the polish bottle. Make it a habit to wipe the neck of the polish bottle every after use. Hardened polish that is accumulated around the neck of the bottle is the cause that the bottle can’t be completely closed and allowing air to enter the bottle. This will result to hardened or thickened polish, and even clumpy. Use a cotton ball wet with nail polish remover.

If ever the thinning will not work after you add nail polish thinner, you still have the last resort; the nail polish remover. However, only put few drops of it because the high water content in the remover can make the polish pigment loose, and its effectiveness will be lessened.

You have to face the fact that all nail polish, whether cheap or expensive, will eventually clump. Just keep in mind that never store too many polishes in your cabinet. You might not enjoy using them for a long time then they’ll be wasted. Also, dark-colored polish tends to clump easily than those light ones.

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