Look Flawless, Perfect, And Awesome! Best Makeup Tips, Cool Tricks And Top Techniques from The Pros

Whether it’s a business meeting, coffee with friends, or a get-together with the family, you can look your best with simple makeup tricks and techniques. If you’re running out of ideas, don’t worry! We’ve come up with list of valuable makeup tips straight from the pros.

There’s no need for you to get stressed over getting perfect makeup done. You will look at your best by following these tried and tested makeup techniques.

Pro Tips, Tricks, and Techniques On How To Apply Blush.

If you have been applying blush the same way for years, it’s time to try on other makeup techniques so you could really nail the look you’re aiming for.

  • When you want to don a barely there makeup look, you would need a hint of color on your cheeks.Get that glow from within look by swirling a little amount of blush on the apples of your cheeks, then lightly blur it out by buffing it with blush brush or flat brush in circular motions.
  • Rihanna rocked this look at MET gala this blush technique is called “draping”.Use a small to medium fluffy brush to apply the blush starting on your temple, then sweep it down to the top of your cheekbone.  This will frame and brighten up your face.
  • Winter Flushed. This look aims to mimic the cheek color you get after playing out in the snow all day.  It’s better to use gel or cream blush for this technique.Apply the blush with your fingers, slightly above the cheekbones and right below your eyes then buff it out with a blush brush to prevent appearance of harsh lines.

For a close to real effect, softly dab blush on the top of your nose – just a weeny bit, so as not to look like you’re suffering from a bad cold.

Pro Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on How To Get Picture Perfect Skin.

Camera filters can magically alter one’s look but there’s really no need for that if you cover your bases well.

You can be photo- ready anytime and anywhere by following these makeup tips and tricks.

  • Prep Your Skin. Always begin with a clean face.  Exfoliate then moisturize.  For the holidays, makeup artists recommend using extra illuminating moisturizer to provide that thin layer of glow underneath foundation.
  • Less is More. You do not need layers of concealer and foundation to look perfect. It is better to “spot conceal”— only on blemishes and dark spots. There’s really no need to apply concealer all over your face.If you have good skin, apply foundation where you need it only.  Concentrate on the dark areas under your eyes and around your nose.  Remember to start blending foundation from the center of your face then move outwards.

Pro Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on How to Apply Eyeshadow 

A little dash of color on the lids can brighten up your eyes in an instant. Blend like a pro by following these professional makeup artist tips.

  • Always Start Light. Apply the lightest shade on the inner half of your eyelids then as you move towards the outer corner, sweep the darker shade of the same color.Before you transition to another shade, make sure to blend well in a “windshield wiper motion” along the crease of your lid to blur or soften the effect.  Repeat this every time you sweep another shade.
  • End with the Darkest Shade. Apply the darkest shade on the outer half of your eyelids.  Blend by moving your brush in a swirling motion on the outer corner of your eye.  Then continue to sweep your brush in small circles in V shape towards the crease on top of your lash line.
  • Don’t Forget to Clean Up. Remove traces of mistakes on the edges of your eye makeup area with a damp beauty blender.  If you over blended the crease area, soften with translucent powder using a fluffy brush.

Pro Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on How to Apply Eyeliner

Best-Eyeliner-For-Brown-EyesBefore you line your eyes make sure that you are donning a style that suits you best. The wrong kind of eyeliner technique will downplay the beauty of eyes.

Here is a guide you can use to help you choose the right eyeliner style based on the shape of your eyes.

  • Uneven Eyes. To create symmetry use a black colored kohl eyeliner to line your lash line from inner to outer corner. Extend the line a bit more on the uneven eye so it would appear as wide as the other.
  • Close Set Eyes. You need to create the illusion of a wider gap between your eyes. Apply concealer on the inner corner of your eye. Next, use a black eyeliner to draw a “V” shape on the outer third part of your eye.  Then, overlap the V line with a liquid liner to create a thick wing.
  • Floating eyeliner is best way to open up your eyes. Draw the line right where the eyelid folds – high above your lash line so the fold won’t conceal your eyeliner.Another technique is to draw a line along the lash line thinly. Then slightly extend the liner past the outer corner of your eye to create a wing effect.
  • Round Eyes. For a stunning effect, draw a thin line on the outer two thirds of your upper and lower lash lines.  Join the two lines at the outer corner by smudging the eyeliner outwards towards the end of your eyebrow or you can add wing using liquid liner.
  • Almond Eyes. Any style of eyeliner makeup suit this beautiful shape of eyes. To enhance your almond eyes, line the entire upper and bottom lash lines with kohl pencil eyeliner.  Smudge it with a soft smudge brush to soften the effect.

Pros Tips, Tricks, and Techniques on Choosing the Right Tools for Applying Makeup

Pros all say that beautiful makeup is all about picking the right tools. Even if you have the best brands in your stash, you won’t be able to get the best effects if you do not match them with the right kind of brushes.

Here is a list of makeup tools you need and how to properly use them.

  1. Foundation Brush. For an even finish, use this brush to apply foundation on your face.  Start at the center of your face then blend outward in a sweeping motion.
  2. Beauty Blender. You can use this to apply foundation, blush and concealer. Squeeze the blender a few times under running water, then remove excess water by squeezing it on a towel.Makeup up will not cling too well on the sponge if it’s too soaked with water.Use a bouncing motion to apply makeup. The wider portion is used to apply and blend makeup while the tip is used on the smaller areas of your face like under the eyes or around the nose.
  3. Kabuki Brush. This large round brush is used to apply bronzers and powders. Buff out harsh lines by brushing it around your face in a swirling motion.
  4. Powder Brush. You can use this to dust loose powder on your face or apply blush along your cheekbones.
  5. Angled Blush Brush. This is used to create contours.  Sweep contour powder below your cheekbones then upward to your temple.
  6. Concealer Blush. Use this to blend concealer on small blemishes or dark spots. Dab gently.
  7. Eye Shadow Brush. Always use this brush to apply eyeshadow to prevent creases.
  8. Blending Eye Shadow Brush. Use a “windshield wiper” motion to blend all the shades of your eye makeup and buff out harsh lines.
  9. Smudge Brush. This is used for smoky eye makeup. Dab to smudge eyeliner on your upper and lower lash lines.

Professional makeup artists view makeup as the tools of their trade and the face as the canvas. They practice their craft every day to become better at it.

Go over the pro tips, tricks, and techniques that we have discussed in this article and apply them for your own benefit every day. Friends and family may ask you who your professional makeup artist is. They will be surprised to learn, you did it all on your own!

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